20 Cozy Cashmere Sweaters for Every Budget (Starting at $75)

Best Cashmere Sweaters at Every Price



During the holidays, it's exciting to ease into the winter season, as wearing sweaters and bundling up still feels fresh. The idea of dressing cozily while being around family and friends is an utter delight—but once the holidays end, the charm of it all quickly wears away. To ensure that your inevitable sweater uniform is not only an exciting one but also a quality one, we rounded up the best cashmere sweaters at every price point.

Ahead, shop every 100% cashmere sweater style imaginable within budget categories that are approachable for everyone. Whether you're looking to splurge on a timeless brand or are simply in need of a quick fix to keep you warm this winter, the selection ahead is guaranteed to keep you cozy and happy even on the days a summer dress is all you can think about.

Under $100

If you haven't heard of Nadaam, I suggest you check out the rest of its sweater assortment ASAP.

You'll never regret buying a black cashmere sweater.

I personally own this hot pink one and wear it almost as much as I wear my neutral-colored sweaters.

This mossy green will pair perfectly with blacks and browns alike. 

Everlane does it again with sustainable cashmere. 

Under $300

You'll also need the leather pants they styled this with.

A sweater that could also be a going-out top. 

The texture on this one looks so expensive. 

Pair this with white jeans and black ankle boots and call it a day.

Thin enough to layer and warm enough to, well, keep you warm.

Under $500

Soak up the last bits of slime green before it's gone for good.

Two-tone trend is perfect for spicing up an otherwise "boring" outfit. 

The kind of sweater that looks good tucked in or left out.

Under $1000

Is it finally time to splurge on an Acne sweater? I think it might be. 

A cropped sweater done right. 

Perfect for wearing with high-rise pants and sleek midi skirts. 

Investing in classic brands like The Elder Statesman is always a good idea.