If You're Not Using This Type of Brush, You're Making Your Fine Hair Flatter

Fine-hair types know that they want to avoid anything that weighs down their hair or makes it seem flat. "Fine hair gets tangled quickly and easily, and that is where a lot of breakage happens," says Laura Polko, T3 brand ambassador and celebrity stylist. "It is a bit more fragile since it is a thinner strand, and it cannot withstand the same heat, chemicals, and environmental factors as thicker hair."

That means you want to be using the right products and tools to care for your delicate strands. And when it comes to the latter, you especially want to make sure you have a brush on hand that is gentle enough on the hair but also able to detangle and style. It might seem like a tall order, but I asked some hairstylists for their tips, which they shared below.


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What Type of Hair Brush Is Best for Fine Hair?

StyleSeat natural-hair stylist Erinn Courtney says that fine hair needs a brush that's created to be able to reach all of its strands in one stroke for styling or detangling. You don't want anything that will stress your hair out while you're working the brush through it. When shopping for a brush for fine hair, many of the the experts suggest looking for a detangling brush. "Find a detangling brush that doesn't pull too hard or a boar-bristle brush that has natural bristles, which are gentler on hair and scalp," recommends Mane Addicts artist Shelley Gregory. A detangling brush provides enough flow between bristles so you don't have to pull your hair too much while detangling.

And Matrix Artistic Director Nick Stenson suggests looking for brushes that incorporate natural hair fibers, which allows for gentle and polished styling.


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How to Brush Fine Hair

Start at the bottom and work you way up when you're brushing your hair. "If you start at the top of your head, you create a huge knot or tangle that will make it so much harder to get out as you work your way down," Polko says. "Also, with fine hair, I recommend brushing it to the part you want, rather than brushing it back first before creating your part. Then you just create a second detangling process." And don't forget to use a detangler or leave-in conditioner, which will help the brush glide through and prevent any breakage.

Ready to shop for a brush? Take a look at some expert recs below.

Products to Shop for Fine Hair

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