25 Bridal Capes That'll Complete Your Wedding Day Look

Your wedding day is your ultimate time to shine. Whether you opt for a classic gown topped with a veil or go unconventional with a bright colored dress or pantsuit, the options to look (and feel) your best are endless. However, if you're looking to elevate your look with something a bit dramatic, we highly suggest you consider a bridal cape.

If you immediately thought superhero, you're not wrong, but don't worry: You won't look like you came out from a comic book (unless that's your goal). Instead, bridal capes will complement your gown in the loveliest of ways, act as an alternative to a veil or jacket, and make you feel invincible on your big day. So, really, what's more heroic than that? To help you achieve your ultimate look, we've rounded up the best bridal capes in the market that are quite the stunners.

Sheer with a lovely feathered touch. 

Welcome the right amount of drama into your wedding look with this cape.

If you're getting married in the winter, this cape is perfect for your look. 

Take your simple gown to the next level with this embellished cape. 

A bridal cape that will look lovely with any wedding gown. 

Bold and beautiful. 

Pricing available upon request.

Pearls will add a sophisticated touch to your dress. 

See what we mean? 

Pricing available upon request.

A lace-trim cape can go a long way when combined with a simple silky dress. 

Bring a maximalist touch to your minimal wedding day look with this fluffy cape. 

Pricing available upon request.

This bridal cape will look amazing and won't break the bank. 

The ideal cape to match your strapless gown. 

A cape straight out from a fairy tale. 

Pricing available upon request.

This cape gives White Witch vibes in all the right ways. 

We're loving the regal vibe of this cape.

Pricing available upon request.

We stand by this dramatic cape 100%. 

Pricing available upon request.

Don't worry: We won't blame you if you want to use these well after your wedding is over.