The 40 Best-Selling Bralettes on Shopbop, Nordstrom, and Amazon

Best bralettes to shop online


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Any woman knows that shopping for everything from lingerie to shapewear can be a struggle, and this process has only become a bigger undertaking with more of our shopping experience taking place online rather than in stores. So how exactly does someone find the best bralettes to buy when you can’t try it on first? In an effort to take the guesswork out of finding the best bralettes, we combed through the most popular bralettes recently purchased by Who What Wear readers around the world. Your new favorite bralette is just a few clicks away.

Best Bralettes on Shopbop

The true test of a bralette’s popularity is if it sold out, and the classic white version of Calvin Klein’s bralette was one of our best sellers. Don’t fret, though—this black version of the same style is still up for grabs. 

Per its reviews, this bralette’s spandex blended fabric makes for a breathable, cozy experience no matter your cup size. 

We (and our readers) also love bralettes that can be worn under a T-shirt or as a bra top.

Love this bralette? Make sure you size up if you’re looking for a more supportive bralette rather than a compression one. 

The best bralettes are multifunctional, and there’s a good reason this bralette is one of our best sellers.

Best Bralettes on Nordstrom

You all love a fun bralette, but beyond the color, what makes this a must-have is that it is available from XX-4X.

Looking for a risqué bralette? Look no further than this wireless, lace bralette that can fit from sizes 30A–42C.

A common misconception about bralettes is the fact they’re only available for smaller busts. But this cute Free People bralette was a crowd-favorite according to our readers and just so happens to go up to size XL. 

With over 223 readers buying this bralette from Nordstrom, you could say this is the best one you can find everyday wear. 

Need a bralette that offers a little more support? This one is perfect for anyone with a smaller bust.

Best Bralettes on Amazon

You’d never guess this pretty lace bralette is available on Amazon.

Affordable, cute, and great for larger cup sizes? No wonder this is one of the best bralettes according to our readers. 

This classic but straightforward bralette was a crowd-favorite and has been purchased over 700 times so far this year.

This simple bralette is perfect for everyday use—from working out to wearing it under your go-to T-shirt while running errands. 

When a bralette has sold over 1000 units, you know it’s a keeper.

Best Bralettes on Net-a-Porter

Clearly, Calvin Klein’s bralettes are a favorite among our readers. But what makes this one special is its adjustable shoulder straps.

A set of two sustainably made bralettes for under $125? No wonder this was a favorite among our readers.

What makes this bralette a fan favorite is the breathable, stretchy mesh. If you happen to be a bit bustier or have a larger frame, opting for stretch mesh bralettes is the best way to find a bralette that fits well. 

Who wouldn’t want to buy this comfortable jersey bralette that can be worn with just about anything?

No surprise here that best-selling bralette among our readers. But if you’re looking for something that will delight and surprise, we recommend pairing this bralette with a pair of trousers and a blazer to nail the most controversial trend

Best Bralettes on Free People

Clearly, you all love a classic cotton bralette just as much as we do.

The best bralettes can be worn when working out or spending a lazy day on the couch. This one can do just that.

This bralette was our readership’s favorite from Free People. Frankly, we’re not at all surprised. 

Love this bralette as much as our readers? Be sure to size up, as it runs a bit smaller.

The numbers don’t lie—the best bralettes mix fun and functionality, and this best-selling bralette from Free People does just that. 

Best Bralettes on H&M

Our readers have a knack for finding affordable pieces that look luxe, and this best-selling bralette is no exception.

Bralettes aren’t just limited to the bedroom—this bralette made with stretchable, sweat-wicking fabric is perfect for working out. 

Love padding but hate padded bras? This bralette was meant for you.

This multifunctional bralette takes the title for a fan favorite from H&M. 

If you love how you look in push-up bras but want the comfort of wearing a bralette, then this is the best option for you.

Best Bralettes on Lively

Not to sound like a broken record here, but our readers clearly have good taste.

As our second best seller among our readers, I have to say this bralette is a must-have for anyone with a D cup size or larger.

Of course, this structured mesh style was a best-selling bralette.

Um, did you just blurt out “cute”? Same here.

With over 45 versions of this bralette bought by our readers, this bralette takes the title for the best from Lively. Plus it’s perfect for anyone with a D cup size or bigger.

Shop More Bralettes We Love

We’ve got our eyes on this stunning bralette.

Is it just us, or are you obsessed with this bralette too?

We’re pretty sure this will be a best-selling bralette among our readers.

And just like that, we’ve proven that the best bralettes can be shopped online.

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