The Pretty Bra Thousands of Nordstrom Shoppers Love



Fashion should never be torturous, but shopping for a new bra can feel like just that. You want a style that hugs in all the right places (and doesn't gape or bulge in the wrong ones). But when you're faced with a pile of bras in a dimly lit dressing room, it's a task that's practically herculean. Luckily, thanks to the internet age, women across the world can pool their knowledge together and find those magical styles that are both flattering and comfortable.

According to shoppers at Nordstrom, one such style is Natori's underwire contour bra. It's amassed just over 2000 reviews, with over 75% of them a full five stars. "This is such a comfortable and well-fitting bra," notes one user, while another adds "It's one of the few bras in larger sizes that is comfortable and pretty." Notably, many of the shoppers note that they would buy the bra over and over again, a sure sign that it's a winner. 

Read on to shop the bra, along with other top-reviewed styles we found!

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