I’m an Editor Who Buys All My Beauty Gifts From Boots—Here Are My Mother’s Day Picks

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Full disclosure: I will always toot my own horn about giving the best beauty gift recommendations. I’ve had a ton of practice, so if it wasn't one of my strengths, I'd need to rethink my entire career path. The one thing I can't stand is when gifts feel generic or poorly thought-out, so my approach to selecting them is akin to crafting a personalised masterpiece—finding products that will not only promise indulgence but also reflect the recipient's specific needs or desires. In my quest to find said gifts, Boots is always a winner. A beauty haven filled with fail-safe products we can always trust along with more luxury items that are perfect for gifting, the high-street hero offers a curated selection that aligns with even the most discerning tastes of those close to me.

Mother's Day, a celebration of the incredible maternal figures in our lives, is the perfect time to go hunting for carefully curated presents that convey both your love and appreciation. From essential skincare sets to everyday makeup palettes, Boots offers a spectrum of options that transform the act of gifting into a meaningful expression of adoration and gratitude. As such, I’ve rounded up my top beauty gifts to give this Mother’s Day, including an Elizabeth Arden fragrance set, a No7 skincare bundle and even a soothing bump cream for mums-to-be. Be warned though—you may want to keep some of these for yourself.

Mother's Day Picks:

*Gucci offer ends 26.03.24. Gucci EDP £118.64 per 100ml. Paco Rabanne offer ends 26.03.24. Paco Rabanne EDP £113.98 per 100ml. Liz Earle beauty worth based on standard selling price of individual items. No7 worth price is based on price per ml/g of standard size products.*

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