The Best Under-$150 Boots at ASOS—Period

The holiday season can be a high-stress time, and as women who are guilty of sometimes assuaging unpleasant emotions with some solid retail therapy, we have an idea: A shiny new pair of boots might just do the job. And here's the best part of our hairbrained plan: These boots are super affordable.

We browsed of one of our favorite fast-fashion retailers, ASOS, and found a plethora of ultra-stylish boots of all sorts—thigh-high, ankle, studded, lace-up, and beyond—for under $150. Most of them are actually under $100, which makes them perfect pick-me-ups that won't break the bank.

Click through the gallery below to shop our favorite under-$150 boots at ASOS now! 

What's your favorite retail pick-me-up when you're feeling stressed? Tell us in the comments below!