8 Handbags We've Got Our Eyes on for Fall

best boho handbags


Lauren Johnson of @discodaydream

We talk about trends a lot on Who What Wear, so you may be surprised to know that—on occasion—we'll intentionally opt out of them. Before you go and raise your brows or peruse our Instagram feeds in search of proof to the contrary (we're onto you!), hear us out: We wear our bags daily and admittedly put them through a lot, so we're always on the lookout for quality bags that'll stand the test of time as trends come and go.

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Lauren Johnson of @discodaydream

Think that means sacrificing on style? You must not own a Hobo bag yet. As our go-to for incredibly cool bags in leather that lasts, this brand has us seriously hooked, not to mention that its new Modern Day Hobo campaign is all about celebrating women living their lives on their own terms (can we get a hell yes?). We're particularly into the line's ultra-tasteful rainbow of neutral shades, but let it be known that these boho-inspired bags also come in fresh, poppy colors so you can continue to coordinate your bag with your mood (just us?). You definitely need to touch these bags to understand how amazingly soft they are, but in the meantime, we'll share eight Hobo styles we're currently coveting.

We know what you're thinking, and yes, this is the perfect black backpack. It'll fit your water bottle, your makeup bag, and even your favorite sunglasses that came in an obnoxiously large case.

Our co-founder Hillary Kerr swears by the fashion rule that gray matches with nothing and therefore it matches with everything. Amen.

As soon as you get that PTO approved, don't hesitate to pack your travel wardrobe in this delicious nubuck leather weekender bag.

We love the rich teal shade for its versatility throughout the seasons. Bonus: Adjust the straps to wear this bucket bag as a backpack.

Not to play favorites, but this classic nude crossbody is so chic and wearable that you might actually have to force yourself to switch your wallet and keys out of it every few days.

Already envisioning all the fall outfits you're going to carry this chic patchwork clutch with? Yep, us too (especially since it fits a smartphone and can double as a wallet).

If boho style a lá the '70s is your thing, we already know you're planning to pick up this fringe bag in multiple colors (there are six, by the way).

Between the fringe tassel, braided stitching, and statement handle, this oversize wristlet definitely gets an A+ for bringing all the luxe details.

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