This Instagram Trick Might Be the Key to the Perfect Photo

How much do you think about the color composition in your Instagrams? Well, it's time to start paying closer attention, because a slew of bloggers have all been trying out one specific photo trick recently: blending in with their backdrops. Instagram experts like Aimee Song, Jenny Cipoletti, and Julia Engel (with no fewer than six million followers between them) have been utilizing this technique recently, and we definitely think you'll want to copy it.

Luckily, it's simple to re-create with a little bit of planning. If you have a certain photo spot in mind, choose an outfit with the exact same color palette as the backdrop (or vice versa). For Engel, that meant matching her printed blue-and-white dress to beach umbrellas in France, while Song went with a beige gown to match a desert-like landscape. The outfit-backdrop combinations are truly endless, so get creative!

Scroll down to see how bloggers blend in by matching their outfits to their backdrops.