Just Because, I Found the Beauty Items at Nordstrom People Are Going Nuts Over

Shopping for a new beauty product is always an adventure. First, you have to determine what you're actually looking for, and then you're forced to comb through all the brands and products on the internet's figurative shelves. Lastly, it's usually a good idea to comb through reviews—lots of them. The first place I stop when purchasing a new beauty product is Nordstrom. (That's been the case for me ever since Nordstrom took the place of Lord & Taylor at Atlanta's Phipps Plaza when I was a beauty-obsessed teenager.) 



Nearly 20 years later, Nordstrom is still my beauty haven. But now, I can look at reviews before I purchase anything, unlike choosing blindly and hoping for the best at a physical store. There was a time when I loved trial and error, but these days I want to know what works for a range of people because it, at the very least, gives me what I'd call a beauty baseline. I mean, if a product has worked wonders for 20 people, then it just might work for me! With this in mind, I searched for the best beauty products at Nordstrom with rave reviews. Even as a beauty editor, many of these weren't on my radar. (But they are now!) Keep scrolling for 20 of the most well-reviewed products at Nordstrom.

"Normal cotton balls and pads just don't compare. I never want cotton in my eyelashes again. And I don't think they are too extravagant. It's an affordable little luxury that makes a BIG difference." — Nordstrom Customer

"This is the most amazing foot file. I have callused feet and need to buff my feet almost every day. I keep waiting for it to not work anymore, but it still does perfectly. I just bought another in case I ever misplace this one." — Nordstrom Customer

"It smells really good. I prefer it over the perfume. They also last three years with the batch code on the bottom of the container. You won't smell badly under your arms when you wear this. I was an avid Dove invisible solid user, and while I do love it, this one is way better. Get it! It does go on sale. While it is pricey at $30 plus tax, it is very effective, and you won't sweat as much using it." — Nordstrom Customer

"Great soap. [It's] luxurious creamy lather is moisturizing and fragrant with Chanel No. 5. It maintains [a] strong fragrance all the way to its end. Love it and bought more. A small but lovely personal indulgence. I am not usually extravagant, but this was worth it. Thinking about getting it as gifts for others." — Nordstrom Customer 

"I'm a designer nail lacquer snob. I've always loved Chanel and Dior. I've tried every drugstore brand and other Nordstrom-carried brands, but Gucci blows them out of the park. I love the brush, and the lacquer lasts forever, and I'm hard on my hands. I can't wait to purchase more colors." — Nordstrom Customer

"I purchased the Nod Pod on one of many sleepless nights, and all I can say is WOW!! It has totally been a game-changer. I fall asleep quickly and fall into a deeper sleep, so I feel well-rested when I wake up. I lay it on my eyes and love the fact that it can slide off once I'm asleep. Highly recommend!" — Nordstrom Customer

"This candle has the most incredible smell. It has a lovely fresh fragrance that isn't overpowering. Great for burning in an apartment or bedroom/bathroom. It is such a lovely fragrance to have in the home. Love it so much!! I'd definitely recommend it." — Nordstrom Customer

"I got a sample of this when I ordered the face oil—I [have] very pale and dry skin. I followed the directions, and it left me with the softest skin! Now buying the full [size]." — Nordstrom Customer 

"I've been using a dry brush for years; however, the Elemis dry bush is FANTASTIC! You can reach all body parts and get beautifully soft skin. Love it! Bonus feature: it separates!" — Nordstrom Customer

"Inspired by the white gardenia Billie Holiday always wore in her hair, Lady Day is a gorgeous, creamy floral candle. A lush top green note is followed by a floral mix of jasmine and gardenia. The coffee flower is a perfect compliment, while the coconut milk adds a creamy base. Occasionally, the combo would trick my nose into thinking I was smelling honeysuckle. While not usually a big floral person, I heartily enjoyed this candle. I think that probably has a lot to do with the blend, but I would like to explore more gardenia and jasmine candles. Even the travel-sized filled up my living room and melted well." — Nordstrom Customer

"The packaging is beautiful and very [luxurious]. The product is even more amazing. It blends out so easily and looks so good on my skin. The color is perfect for me, and it lasts all day. Some days when I don't even feel like doing a lot, I just rub a little on cause it's just that easy. " — Westman Atelier Customer 

"I was skeptical when I saw this brush on [the] app, but purchased it anyway. I love it. I use [it] daily to apply Dior Capture Dream Skin Fresh and Perfect Cushion Foundation. (The applicator it comes with is too absorbent.) Using this brush is perfect. A small tap and just enough makeup is applied to [the] brush. I apply [it] in a circular motion, and my skin looks dewy with [a] flawless glow. Love it." — Nordstrom Customer 

"I bought the Rose Kola and Pourpre Camarine colors. Both colors are very flattering. I'm African American, and it can be difficult finding a lip oil that has great color payoff. It's long-lasting and very moisturizing. If you're looking for a nice lip oil, I highly recommend this one." — Nordstrom Customer

"Feels like nothing on the lids and, once dried down, doesn't smudge or crease. I have highly sensitive, watery eyes with oily lids, and this works like a dream. [The] bronze shade is a nice warm brown with [a] pretty shimmer but no glitter. Very flattering for my 50-year-old hooded eyes. Will definitely get some more shades when they're restocked." — Space NK Customer

"I'm surprised by how much I like this one! The smell is divine (unsurprising, really, as Tom Ford's perfumes are the best), and the finish is lovely too. [It] dries [and] leaves a lovely glow and skin feeling silky soft. A bit of an indulgence, but worth the splurge." — Space NK Customer

"I purchased this in-store last night, and all three of these scents were absolutely amazing! I can't live a day without them now. If you are a person who is into floral scents, then this is the set for you! I wear the La Tulipe and Rose of No Man's Land on a daily basis and spray Blanche on my bedsheets and my pajamas." — Nordstrom Customer

"One word to describe this concealer is… wow. The skin-tone match is absolutely perfect and looks so natural. A little bit of powder on top to set everything, and you are all set to go! It really does cover up blemishes/ dark circles to give you flawless skin." — Nordstrom Customer 

"I use many items of this brand, but this eyeliner is one of the best of the best! I highly recommend this eyeliner. Love it!" — Nordstrom Customer 

"This primer is probably the best that I've tried so far (I've tried Lancome and Chanel too). Far superior, in my opinion. Worth every dollar. It gives you this soft glow, and your foundation looks flawless. Highly recommend." — Nordstrom Customer

"This fragrance is summer in a bottle! I've received many compliments on how wonderful I smell after I use this fragrance. Worth every penny." — Nordstrom Customer 

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