I'm Friends With a Lot of Beauty Experts—Here Are the Treatments They Always Get

When people ask me about my career, I always tell them I have the best job in the world. Save maybe being a gelato taste tester I actually couldn’t think of a job where I get to try new launches of my favourite things every day. I get to give advice on what makes us feel good about ourselves and demystify beauty jargon for readers and myself– it’s pretty sweet.

But there is the side of things where beauty editors are testing so much newness that products that we loved when they launched end up at the bottom of our drawers because when are in a constant churn of trying something else all in the name of honest reviews. One thing that we do tend to stay loyal to though are specific beauty treatments. From hair to pedicures, we all have a particular service (or four) that we happily part money with regularly because we are just so obsessed with it.


Having my beauty treatments that I book in and pay for religiously is important to me for so many reasons. Yes, it makes me look and feel better, but also is time for me to just completely indulge in beauty without having to think about spinning it into a story—I can completely relax, even if the treatment itself is far from relaxing. So, I quizzed some of the best beauty experts in the business to find out their go-tos and I was not disappointed with the answers.

I was so surprised though by the breadth of answers I got back. I really thought there would be a firm swing towards facials but it was actually such a mix of hair removal appointments, lashes and massages with different types of skincare services too. Take a look at the treatments beauty experts always book in for, below.

Keeks Reid, Who What Wear Beauty Contributor and Freelance Beauty Journalist


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1. Hair Treatments at Lorraine Dublin

2. Colour With Lloyd Court at Seanhanna

3. Laser Hair Removal 

As a beauty journalist with a specialism in hair, I have a hard time staying loyal to one hairdresser for things like blow-dries and cuts wanting to visit as many salons to recommend them (or not). But when it comes to services like texture release, weaves and other treatments I always return to Lorraine who knows my hair better than I do at this point. Colour-wise I have always gone to see Lloyd and feel so comfortable with him and trust him implicitly with my hair. Afro hair can be delicate as it is, so lightening it can lead to real damage but I know my coils are in safe hands with him. And from hair preservation to hair removal, I religiously keep up with my laser appointments at Pulse Light Clinic on my underarms and bikini area because I haven’t had to worry about ingrown hairs for years now and I don’t plan to have to ever again

Megan Felton, co-founder of Lionne


(Image credit: @megfel)

4. The Egyptian Facial at Dr. David Jack’s Harley Street Clinic

"Initially I was gifted this treatment, but now it is something that I pay for and really love, it is a gentle peel and dermaplaning that just gives you that real glow for a few weeks."

Dija Ayodele, owner of Westroom Aesthetics and Black Skin Directory


(Image credit: @dija_ayodele)

5. Profhilo

"It’s the best way to keep my skin plump, toned and well moisturised from the inside [Profhilo is an injectable moisturiser]. It’s a massive skin health boost because it stimulates collagen and elastin as well as hyaluronic acid in the deeper layers of skin. It really does take my skin to another level!"

Lollie Hancock, Editorial Assistant, Profession Beauty


(Image credit: @lollie.hancock)

6. Hydrafacial

"A treatment I LOVE to get is a Hydrafacial. Maybe it's because I'm a visual person, but nothing makes me happier than actually seeing what's been pulled out - they've converted me to a #GunkieJunkie. It's not just the treatment—the vibe at the London flagship created an appointment unlike any other facial I've had. Having the treatment in an open space with pop music in the background makes it feel like a more modern and social experience as well."

Laura Capon, Freelance Beauty Journalist


(Image credit: @laucapon)

7. FaceGym Signature Workout

"I actually always pay for my FaceGym facials. Despite my job I don't actually love going for treatments and I think a lot of the time when you book in at a spa they just rub a lot of heavily scented products on your face that do nothing, FaceGym however is a completely different experience. It truly is like an intense workout session for your face, with massage techniques that I could never recreate at home. I always take a before and after picture and the reduction in puffiness around my eyes and nose is always dramatic. I cannot recommend enough."

Eve Oxberry, Head of Editorial, Professional Beauty Group


(Image credit: Courtesy of Eve Oxberry)

8. Lash Lift

"Yes, I love a results-driven, tech-based facial—I’m a beauty editor after all—but honestly? The treatment that makes the biggest difference to my appearance and my confidence is a lash lift. I have slightly hooded lids and super-straight natural lashes and the eye-opening results are immediate. It’s always worth it because it’s a treatment you definitely couldn‘t replicate yourself (steer clear of those terrifying Amazon home lash lift kits, kids!) I’ve tried all the brands (LVL, Lashus, Salon System) and never had a bad experience but I’d say great results depend on a great lash tech who takes the time to properly asses your eye shape and your lash length and thickness and choose the right shield for the look you want to achieve —for me it’s dramatic but not doll-eyed. It lasts really well too and is way less maintenance than extensions. What’s not to love?"

Rebecca Fearn, Beauty Editor, Eliza


(Image credit: @beautyandtheb)

9. Filler at the TakTouk Clinic

"My treatment would probably be my profile balancing fillers with Dr Wassim or Dr Christine Hall at the TakTouk clinic. It's certainly an expensive habit, but I feel so much more confident since having it (around 18 months ago was my first treatment). I get my lips and chin done—the chin only needs topping up every 12-18 months, whereas lips are around every 6 months."

Charlotte Grant-West, Editor, Hairdressers Journal International


(Image credit: @charlottegrantwest)

10. Highlights with Nikita Fisher of Palmer Fisher London

"Nikita is a true artist. Her colouring brush turns mousey strands (cough, greys) into a mass of brighter, lighter, more youthful blonde tones. I first visited after a beach holiday (hello brassy, damaged hair) and came out looking like Sienna Miller in Alfie—old school reference I know, but she’s my blonde idol, okay! For a seamless regrowth and a beautiful blend, Palmer Fisher London is a mecca for blondes."

Zoe Cripps, Deputy Beauty Editor, Reach PLC


(Image credit: @zwithlove)

11. Full Body Laser Hair Removal at Halcyon Aesthetics, London

"Hands down I’d pay time and time again for full body laser hair removal. I’m a lazy girl and shaving my underarms and legs is a mission I’m not willing to embark on every other day but I also love the smooth feeling of hairless skin. What’s a girl to do? Laser it all off. I’ve had two rounds of seven sessions previously and the results were decent, but the ones I’m having now at Halcyon Aesthetics in London have proved by far the most successful. The happiness that smooth legs brings me would be well worth the money."

Vanese Maddix, Freealance Beauty Journalist


(Image credit: @itsvanesem)

12. Wild Source Facial at Liberty London

"Where do I even begin? I've had a few facials in the past which were the perfect little pick-me-up. However, none compare to the Wild Source facial and guided meditation that I had in Liberty London. The facial is performed by Nicole Campbell-Watson who makes you feel incredibly comfortable as soon as you stepped into the room. A few minutes into the facial, meditation by Giselle La Pompe-Moore is played. As someone with an anxiety disorder, I've tried and failed to meditate due to my personal overthinking. Yet, guided meditation alongside having a facial felt completely different, I was able to relax and really follow Giselle's voice. I ended up falling asleep, which shows how relaxed I was. The Wild Source facials will be back in Liberty in October and are indeed not one to be missed. The facial is priced at £85 and is redeemable against one Discovery Facial Oil of your choice."

Georgia Seago, Editor, The Tweakments Guide


(Image credit: Courtesy of Georgia Seago)

13. Lash Extensions at The Beauty Laboratory

"I get hybrid lash extensions and I have them infilled around every two to three weeks at The Beauty Laboratory Raynes Park. I love my lash tech and it's a nice thing that I do for myself. As I do my nails and tan at home, it’s my one beauty expense that I do for myself. Having lash extensions makes me feel prettier and more put together as I'm not someone who wears lots of makeup. I love just being able to wake up and feel ‘done’."

Adie Dewhurst, Head of Communications and Advocacy ACD UKI, L’Oréal


(Image credit: @adiedewhurst)

14. KMP Skin Facial

"I love KMP’s facial. It focuses on massage techniques to boost blood circulation and give you an instant glow. It's as much a treatment for my mind as it is for my skin. Katharine is an empath and immediately connects with whoever’s in the room. I don’t walk out, I float."

Mollie Davies, Freelance Beauty Journalist


(Image credit: @m0lliedavies)

15. Baby Face Laser Facial at Kichi

"I would absolutely pay every British penny for the LaseMD facial from Lutronic. I was nervous about having a laser facial, but I'd trust Natasha at Kitchi Studio time and time again. I was nervous about having a laser facial, but I'd trust Natasha time and time again. She's so focused on the medical side of beauty, and what actually works. The treatment only takes around 30 minutes, and I don't need downtime afterwards, I just need to avoid makeup for 48 hours—but then I absolutely don't need it with this. My skin has never been so radiant, and I truly mean that. I have the Vitamin C serum option for glow and anti-ageing. The treatment stimulates collagen and increases absorption by 90%, so I always make sure to use my Kichi Forever Oil for weeks after."

Adeola Gboyega, Pro Makeup Artist


(Image credit: Courtesy of Adeola Gboyega)

16. Profhilo with Dr Amiee

The treatment I would absolutely get time and time again would be Profhilo with Dr Amiee. I love to glow and the Profhilo treatment is the perfect treatment for me because it really helps to improve my skin tone, texture, hydration and overall radiance. After every treatment my skin is left looking healthier and softer-looking. Profhilo is commonly known as the ‘golden elixir’ and this clinically proven, award-winning product stimulates 4 different types of collagen to give a naturally refreshed appearance. It remodels all layers of the skin and is perfect for those who want a naturally refreshed appearance without volumisation and also has anti-inflammatory effects.

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