I Read Through 746 Reviews to Find the Best Back-Smoothing Bras

The best back-smoothing bras



Lately, I've been putting more thought into my bra collection. No one wants a bra with a band that digs and cuts into their sides—uncomfortable is an understatement. These are the bras that give others a bad name, the kind you can't wait to go home and take off. Luckily, not all bras are like this, and there are online reviewers who did the handiwork for us so we can find the best ones out there.

So I took it upon myself to search through top retailers like Nordstrom and Shopbop for the styles reviewers specifically highlight as back-friendly. I read through 746 reviews to find the best back-smoothing bras, and below, I'm outlining my findings (along with some of what the reviewers themselves had to say). 

"I only wear Chantelle brand bras. The fit is perfect. The fabric is soft and supportive all around, no back or underarm bulge," writes one reviewer. 

The buttery-soft yet stretchy material guarantees a smooth look under clothing. 

A Nordstrom reviewer says "This smooths you out, but also supports you. Looks great under sweaters. I really can't say enough good things about this item."

One happy Shopbop reviewer says, "I don't ever want to take it off! It's very comfortable and the fabric is high quality. The elastic band doesn't cut in and straps are very minimalist."

"It provides a smooth and full cover without padding. Perfect smooth fit for under a thin white t-shirt," writes one five-star reviewer. 

The seamless band on this one prevents any digging into your back. 

I can tell just from looking at it that this would be my new go-to. 

One reviewer explains the band is virtually invisible underneath a T-shirt in the back. 

"This bra is incredibly comfortable and is a great color. It is very smooth under clothing and fits very well," writes a Nordstrom customer.

This band looks beyond comfortable. 

This one has over 500 positive reviews on Nordstrom. 

The soft jersey fabric is so smoothing. 

"I also love the back of this bra; because it is wider and comes up farther on my back than most bras it eliminates the dreaded back fat dilemma," says one happy Nordstrom reviewer. 

One Nordstrom reviewer says, "This bra is hands down the most comfortable bra I've ever owned! Straps don't slip, there is no 'fat-back' overhanging skin, and it flatters clothing."

The stretchy band makes this bra ultra flattering. 

"I'm a D cup and this is the best-fitting bra I've ever worn... ever, The support feels very natural and the shape contours under my dresses and tops is perfect," writes one five-star reviewer. 

The soft stretch material on the band ensures it doesn't cut into your skin.

There's a reason this is one of Spanx's best sellers.