Let's Break It Down: Why Is Australian Swimwear Just So Good?

When it comes to investing in flattering wardrobe staples, we’re not willing to compromise when it comes to swimwear. Lucky for Australians, we really do have some of the best swimwear brands in the world at our fingertips. Boasting some of the most amazing beaches and coastal areas, it comes as no surprise when globally, influencers are always Instagramming Australian swimwear labels.

The price of swim, always comes down to the quality of fabrics used, and the design and cut of the swimwear. "A well-fitting swimsuit is all about the right cut on the right body. An excellent pattern is essential, and this is best left in the hands on an expert pattern cutter." Says Nicole Banning, creative director of Ephemera. Alongside Banning, we ask fellow Australian swimwear designer Tuyen Nguyen of Her Line and Elle Glass of Tanliines to tell us exactly why is Australian swimwear so. damn. good. 

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"We put so much love into every element of our product and we don’t skimp on quality. What we offer is considered design, excellent quality and superior fit. We source most fabrics from Italy and France . They have the very best quality fabrics and they are developed to last prolonged exposure to the elements, to pools and spas.

One of our biggest and best investments has been to work with expert French pattern cutters from day one. This means that we have had excellent fits from the very outset. We are continuously perfecting our fit and have been since we started five years ago. Each season we introduce new styles and we are always thinking about different body shapes and what new styles might be right for different women."—Nicole Banning

Her Line

"Her Line was created for the effortless everyday modern woman. Combined with the desire to create pieces that are purposeful, each piece is designed to transition from season to season with ease. Our swimwear fabric is sourced directly from Italy, and designed to frame, support and flatter the female body. We put a lot of thought into panel details to contour and shape."—Tuyen Nguyen

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"Tanliines is for femmes who want their swimwear to work hard, style hard, and be with them way longer than a summer fling. We’re made locally here in Sydney and believe very firmly in supporting Australian industry and talent. For us, swim has to be hard-wearing, long lasting, something you’re happy to live in all summer long. We source our fabrics from a local supplier, who has been working in the swim industry for decades.

It’s the feel-good factor. Something that stays on in the surf, no matter the conditions. Something you can swim laps in, lounge in and, of course, something you can rely on come laundry day. Our styles are minimal classics so fit is beyond important."—Elle Glass

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