29 Under-$20 Things That Will Make Fashion Girls Smile

Need a little pick-me-up? To be honest, who doesn't right now? As much as we'd like to deny the fact that the simple act of purchasing something online makes us feel better, the truth of the matter is that it does (at least it does for me). If you love shopping and putting together outfits—the definition of a fashion girl, in my opinion—then the 29 affordable items on this shopping list ahead will put a big smile on your face and a sparkly new item in your online shopping cart.

Every product in this roundup rings in at under $20, so if an affordable and quick mood-boosting fix is what you want, then that's exactly what you'll get should you purchase any of the things ahead. From tank tops to bikinis, this jolly assortment is sure to lift your spirits and boost your style. You'll see.

Because right now, these are more relevant than shoes. 

This plus a big blazer is an outfit that's quickly gaining steam right now.

The "dad" accessory we're all in love with right now.

House shoes you'll also eventually be able to wear outside. 

For when you want something more interesting than a T-shirt.

Wear these to your next Zoom meeting. 

Meet your swimsuit's newest accessory. 

Don't these make you feel nostalgic? 

We all know fashion girls love an excess of socks.

Leave it to Ganni to design the coolest scrunchie. 

It's always better to stock up on these things before you find yourself in a sticky situation (no pun intended). 

Sleep in these or wear them over a swimsuit—the options are endless and affordable as well.

It feels like everyone is wearing split-hem leggings right now.

The perfect anklet to wear with everything. 

Be sure to check out the other styles as well because everything is just as affordable as this pair.

The shoes that will keep on giving.

Trend alert: Nike socks are all anyone's wearing these days. 

Underwear that was meant to be worn with sweatpants. 

Chances are you don't have one of these yet.

Size up and you'll have the baggy sweatshirt outfit of your dreams.

Next up, shop all of the closet staples that have an impressive cost-per-wear value

Opening Image: The Style Stalker