3 People Who Work at Shopbop Say These Are the Best Affordable Finds on the Site


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If you ask me, one of the greatest joys of the spring season is online shopping. From the generous sales to the emergence of new items to welcome the season, it’s an automatic mood-booster. We’ve cleaned out our closets and are ready to embrace what the internet has to offer in terms of the latest fashion finds to add to our wardrobes. However, online shopping is not always easy, and there is a method to the madness. Not only are you scouring the internet for the most on-trend items and having an internal debate whether they are for you or not, but you are also operating within a price parameter.

That being said, we’ve gone straight to the source to alleviate any unwanted stress when perusing: Shopbop’s Caroline Maguire, Jennifer Daft, and Stephanie Roberson. As experts in the field, they are offering us insider information of what exactly are the best spring finds on the beloved site now that don't cost a pretty penny. They reveal which trends are dominating the spring season, new Shopbop designers, and which pieces they can’t live without. Keep scrolling to discover the 15 items these Shopbop professionals are recommending and why.


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