I Just Cleaned Out My Entire Closet—These Are the Items I'm Finally Replacing

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I recently moved out of my apartment and vowed to myself that before lugging my current wardrobe to a new place, I would finally do a proper closet clean-out. First of all, it's a huge undertaking, so kudos to anyone who has ever done any Marie Kondo–style organizing of their own clothing. I truly had no idea what I was in for or how shocked I'd be by both what I found and what I didn't find.

I never really felt the need for spring cleaning, having lived in fairly small apartments since college, but wow, is it easy to accumulate unnecessary and worn-out things over the years. After spending an entire weekend trying on practically every item I own and donating what no longer fits me or feels true to my style, I discovered five categories that seriously needed an update. From white T-shirts (because apparently all of mine have makeup stains on them) to bras that fit properly, these are all of the items I'm looking to restock ASAP.


I found so many pairs of jeans that either no longer fit properly or were simply worn out. Denim definitely frays and loses its shape over time, so while it's sad to part with my favorite pairs, it's time to shop more modern styles that aren't tired from years of wear.

There was a giant grass stain (I'm equally as confused) on my favorite Agolde jeans, so I'm swapping them for this unique crisscross-waistband pair.

My co-worker recommended this brand, and I really like the charcoal wash of this particular pair.

These sophisticated jeans could almost pass as trousers.

I'm debating between these straight-leg jeans or the shorts version.


As I mentioned, I was shocked to discover that my favorite white tees all had makeup—or in one case marinara—stains on them. How long have I been walking around like this? I truly don't know, but I'm so glad I finally noticed so I can replace this wardrobe staple.

I wear this classic white T-shirt at least once a week, which I guess is why I spotted foundation all around the neckline. Time to pick up a new one.

Everlane is currently donating all profits from 100% Human purchases to Feeding America, which is the only reason I need to buy this white tee.

Ribbed fabric makes any T-shirt look less basic.

Hanes is always a reliable choice, especially at $7.


I know that wearing scuffed-up sneakers is a trend (hi, Golden Goose!) and I'm truly all for it. However, there comes a certain point when white sneakers are suddenly beige and logos are no longer visible that you know it's time to part ways. Luckily, there are always so many cool options on the market to help soften the sadness.

I've been wearing these Converse since middle school, and the affordable price point never makes me question replacing a dirty pair.

These sneakers are equally as classic as the Chuck Taylors above.

It's so important to replace exercise sneakers even if they don't initially appear dirty. The soles wear out over time, making them less supportive.

There's no such thing as having too many white sneakers, and this two-tone platform pair will be perfect with summer dresses.


I graduated college four years ago, so why I have several sorority and university-mascot sweatshirts in my possession I truly do not know. I'll probably keep a few in storage (aka my parents' house) for nostalgic reasons, but it's time to purchase some cuter styles that I'm not embarrassed to wear in broad daylight.

I love the muted lavender color and scrunch details of this hoodie.

This brand makes really great graphic tees, but I'm eyeing this graphic sweatshirt at the moment.

You don't know the meaning of comfort until you've owned a cashmere sweatshirt.


According to the experts at ThirdLove, bras should be replaced every six months to a year and underwear after about one year. I'm not proud to admit this, but I've had multiples of both items for at least double or triple the recommended time. Since I'm quite overdue, it's time for a complete lingerie overhaul.

Speaking of ThirdLove, I've been wanting to try its best-selling T-shirt bra for ages.

This is my go-to bra for a tiny bit of lift. I'm apparently long overdue for a replacement.

I've always been a fan of the low-rise version of Hanky Panky's classic thong. This three-pack is made of organic cotton and spandex.

I've heard great things about this strapless bra.

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