I Spent Hours Looking for 2023 Shoe Trends—These 29 Pairs From Nordstrom Are It

I am currently pretty unhappy with my shoe assortment. Most of my shoes that I love have reached the point of no return wear-wise, and I have yet to invest in some of the cool new 2023 shoe trends I'm starting to see bubble up. So what did I do? I went on an intensive online shopping spree at Nordstrom. Per usual, Nordstrom did not disappoint as I scoured each and every page for the most relevant footwear trends on the market, including ballet flats, metallics, and more. 

Whether you're in the mood to splurge or save, the shoes below will meet you where you're at, which is exactly why I love shopping at Nordstrom. You can find the most coveted designer find or the steal of a lifetime. I'll let you scroll down to see exactly what I mean and shop the best 2023 shoe trends this retailer has to offer. 

Trend: Mary Janes

The square toe makes these particularly great. 

Trend: Slingbacks 

These shoes will quickly become one of your go-to staples. 

Trend: Flossy Sandals

We highly suggest you buy the nude too.

Trend: Classic Sneakers

Gazelles keep selling out at Nordstrom, so snap these up before it's too late. 

Trend: Snakeskin 

This just might be the chicest pair of snakeskin shoes I've ever seen. 

Trend: Ballet Flats

The slightly square toe makes these feel so 2023. 

Trend: Pumps

BY FAR always makes the sexiest shoes. 

Trend: Loafers

This color looks so rich.

Trend: Metallic

If you splurge on one pair of metallic shoes this season, make it these.

Trend: Skintight Boots

These look so good when paired with long skirts and dresses.

Trend: Birkenstocks

Just admit it—you want a pair.

Trend: Wedges

Yes, wedges are back and look particularly good with roomy jeans.

Trend: Ballet Flats

These are so pretty and look triple the price. 

Trend: Metallic, Western

Buying shoes that feature two trends at once is the move.

Trend: Quiet Luxury

Nothing screams elevated taste louder than a sleek pair of pumps. 

Trend: Mary Janes

The cutest little flats I've seen in a while.

Trend: Pastels

I would wear these shoes to the ground. 

Trend: Rosettes

No, we are not over this trend.

Trend: Jellies

Coach is making a strong case for the return of jelly shoes.

Trend: Uggs

Honestly, the weirder the Uggs, the more popular they become. 

Trend: Slingbacks

Yes, these are only $60. 

Trend: Metallic, Ballet Flats

Another style that kills two birds with one stone. 

Trend: Western

All the fashion girlies will tell you these are 100% worth the investment. 

Trend: Classic Sneakers

I am loving the platform version of these sneakers. 

Trend: Fisherman Sandals

Pair these with red socks to give them some extra edge.

Trend: Ballet Flats

I own these in brown and can assure you they are so worth it.

Trend: Classic Loafers

Prepare to get so many compliments on these.