Meet the Practical Bag Trend That's Come Back From the Dead



Once an "embarrassing" dad trend, belt bags (also known as fanny packs) have found their way back into fashion over the past few years. While they may not be the number one bag trend right now, they're practical, and it seems like a ton of fashion people are leaning into that regardless of what's at the top of the trend cycle. After all, The Row has its own selection of belt bags, and when the industry's favorite quiet-luxury brand gives a piece its stamp of approval, it's something to take note of.

Whether you're looking for a sleek designer option to suit your everyday 'fits or a sporty bag to accompany you on your runs, we've found the most stylish and practical belt bags on the market. If you're still hesitant about trying out belt bags for yourself, let these stylish options convince you otherwise.

We've never not wanted anything from The Row.

All your essentials are within reach, and it's hands-free.

For the sporty ones out there, this is the cult-favorite pick. 

This bag is just asking for compliments.

Baggu has taken TikTok by storm as the brand for extremely practical and spacious bags. Plus, they always look cool.

Leave it to Mango to add its own elevated and forward take on the "dad" trend.

Banana Republic's bag collection is highly underrated.

If you want the simplicity of a bag from The Row at a more affordable price, here you go.

This neutral shade will go with so many outfits.

White bags can be risky, but we think this Proenza option is worth it.

The soft neoprene adds to the sporty and casual feel.

Opt for this unique style from Jacquemus over the viral styles.

Free People offers this bag in 14 different colors, so take your pick.

Even with a simple tank and jeans, this bag just works.

Ever since Sofia Richie wore this shade of blue during her wedding festivities, we haven't been able to stop thinking about it. 

If you thought belt bags couldn't be chic, Bottega will have you rethinking that opinion.

Here's another great sporty option, and it's under $30.

This color is everything. Plus, look at the dual pockets!

Sometimes, you just have to stick to the classics.