This Cool Girl Has Nailed Her Nighttime Routine, and We Have Serious FOMO

Gone are the days when mismatched pajamas, a face wipe, and the occasional mask would suffice as a nighttime routine. Maybe it’s because I’m nearing the big 3-0 and know that being lazy just isn’t going to cut it anymore, or perhaps it’s that my Instagram feed is full of It girls like Tyla Lauren Gilmore and their seemingly perfect well, everything… Whatever it is, something has me thinking about the nightly routines of successful people.

And I’m not just talking about their go-to skincare products from Bliss (though those help); I’m also thinking about their pajama sets and the evening drinks they turn to for unwinding at night. While I know there’s no right way to spend those last few hours of the day, there’s no harm in taking notes from women like Gilmore, who are clearly doing something right. The best part? Gilmore’s routine is totally affordable—as in less than $100 affordable—and you can stock up on everything for yourself at Target.

The act of participating in a nightly skin ritual is calming, and right now Gilmore is all about this p.m. serum. "I'm always looking for products with glycolic acid in it, and whenever I use this at night, I wake up with such glowy and even skin." It’s gentle but seriously effective, thanks to its blend of glycolic acid, polyhydroxy acid, and fruit acids. It gradually removes dead skin cells and reveals a super-smooth, refined texture.

Having the right skincare products is only half of the battle—facial rollers and massagers help those products penetrate deeper into the skin. Plus, who doesn’t want an end-of-day facial massage? This jade roller has a large stone on one end and a smaller one on the other, which really lets you reach every area of our face and boost blood circulation and reduce swelling. "I particularly love using this under my eyes," says Gilmore, who sees a huge difference in her skin texture when she does.  

Another go-to for Gilmore? Calming her senses with an essential oil diffuser. "It helps with my allergies and really just calms me down before bed," she explains. This one has a three-hour continuous mist—just add the essential oil of your choice and relax. 

Sure, you might think what you wear to bed doesn’t matter, but it does to us. Think about it: It’s hard to focus when you’re surrounded by clutter, so how do you think you’d be able to relax and sleep if you’re wearing mismatched jammies? "Target has the best sets; they're always so comfortable and affordable," says Gilmore. 

Regardless of how hot or cold it is outside, it’s always nice to have that one blanket you always turn to when you need to decompress. Gilmore’s is this plush style made with sherpa fabric—it doesn’t get much cozier than that.

Gilmore says she's a total coffee girl in the morning, but come the evening, she always needs tea to relax. Seriously, nothing compares to snuggling up at night with a warm cup—just make sure it’s decaf. Her go-to? Youthberry.

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