Cowgirl, Italian, Princess, and More: A Hairstylist Says These 5 Bob Cuts Are About to Be Everywhere

Megan Fox sporting a "cowboy bob"
(Image credit: @tayrussell; @kyliejenner; @dimitrishair; @lilyjcollins: Original collage by Jamie Brown)

News flash: Bobs are more popular than ever. Celebrities such as Megan Fox, Lily Collins, and Taylor Russell have recently cosigned the cropped cut. Cool fashion people have endorsed it too. But here's the thing: A "bob" is a category, not a cut. Depending on length, texture, and volume, a bob can read as timeless or modern, polished or effortless, Old Hollywood inspired or Gen Z… You get it.

Jerome Lordet, hairstylist and owner of Jerome Lordet Salon in New York City, says five specific bob haircuts are trending for summer—cowgirl, princess, French, Italian, and micro bobs, to be specific. Each one differs slightly in style and aesthetic, yet they're equally fresh and fashion-forward. Ready to see all five and the celebs and influencers who embrace them? Keep scrolling!

The Cowgirl Bob

Megan Fox sporting a "cowgirl bob"

(Image credit: @dimitrishair)

If your aesthetic is breezy, windswept, and effortlessly cool, the cowgirl bob is for you. "The cowgirl bob is a new nickname for a piecier, shaggier version of the classic French bob," Lordet says. "It should fall about chin length and have layers toward the ends of the hair to make them fall when styled in an undone way, with slightly wispy bangs and layers toward the front. This has been a popular cut for my younger clients for a year or two now, and this is just a new name for it. It can be adapted to be flattering on lots of faces."

One of the most stunning examples comes from Megan Fox and celebrity hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos. The latter is responsible for the star's incredibly cool hair transformation earlier this year. It's giving cowgirl in the best way.

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Laura Harrier sporting a "cowboy bob"

(Image credit: @lauraharrier)

Laura Harrier's hair is long enough to be classified as a "lob" (long bob) versus a bob. However, her choppy, piecey layers are a perfect example of the cowgirl style.

The Princess Bob

Lily Collins sporting a "princess bob"

(Image credit: @lilyjcollins)

When we saw Lily Collins's latest hair transformation, courtesy of celebrity hairstylist Gregory Russell, our jaws dropped to the floor. The Emily in Paris star looks so chic, classic, and timeless. As it turns out, this is a great example of the next top-trending haircut: the princess bob.

"A princess bob is a slightly more refined take on a bob," Lordet says. "It's categorized by short, blunt ends, and often styled into a smooth blowout. The ends can fall right above or right below your chin, depending on what suits your face shape. The look is very polished and classic." We totally agree.

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Kerry Washington sporting a "princess bob"

(Image credit: @kerrywashington)

Although it's often styled in a smooth blowout, Kerry Washington makes the case for styling a princess bob in close, crimped waves. It's a beachier take on the trend.

The French Bob

Content creator Chloe Helen Miles with a French bob

(Image credit: @chloehelenmiles)

The French bob is a classic haircut that's been on our collective consciousness for years. Lordet says it best, describing it as "the most timeless, classic take on a bob." The crux of this cut is a natural-looking effortlessness. "The French bob should look and feel effortless and be cut so that you can air-dry it and have it fall into place," he says. "It is typically cut around the chin, but you should adjust to the most flattering length on you. It is cut with eyebrow-grazing fringe. This looks best with a little bit of natural-look wave and not overly styled."

Funnily enough, Lordet played a part in making this the iconic style that it is today. He was trained in Paris under Bruno Pittini and Jacque Dessange, who—no biggie—happen to have styled Brigitte Bardot, Françoise Hardy, and Jeanne Moreau, among others. When Lordet moved to NYC in the '90s, he adapted that same French method for A-listers such as Sandra Bullock and Bianca Jagger.

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Content creator Amy Lefevre with a French bob

(Image credit: @lefevrediary)

The undone, windswept texture of this French bob is pure and utter perfection.

The Italian Bob

Kylie Jenner sporting an "Italian bob"

(Image credit: @kyliejenner)

The French aren't the only ones who have a bob haircut named after them. Let us introduce you to the Italian bob. Lordet says the style came back into popularity thanks to The White Lotus. In season two, the character Lucia Greco sports the perfect voluminous and bouncy example of this cut. "It's cut a bit longer, so it can curled or blown out to have a lot of body and volume," he says. "Unlike the French bob, this cut is meant to look intentionally styled. I used to cut Bianca Jagger's hair in a longer version of this. We would keep her hair between her chin and shoulders, and she styled it with lots of volume or big curls that made it fall longer or shorter and often side parted for more drama."

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Olivia Culpo sporting an "Italian bob"

(Image credit: @justinemarjan)

Olivia Culpo's sky-high volume and bouncy ends are peak Italian bob.

The Micro Bob

Taylor Russell sporting a "micro bob"

(Image credit: @tayrussell)

Last, but certainly not least, we have the micro bob. As the name suggests, this is the shortest bob haircut out of them all. Lordet describes it as "a super-short cut that still retains the shape of a bob versus getting into pixie cut territory. The cut should end just at the ear and can be cut bluntly or with layers but is maybe more recognizable when blunt."

We think this is the most high-fashion take on a bob. For proof, look to trendsetting celebs like Taylor Russell who have adopted the style as their own.

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Content creator Tylynn Nguyen sporting a micro bob

(Image credit: @tylynnnguyen)

If you want to test the micro-bob waters without fully committing, opt for an ever so slightly longer version that falls just below the ears. Bonus points if you slick it back into this cool, wet-look style. It's equal parts sleek and edgy.

How to Decide Which Bob Is Right for You

With five elite options, we know it might feel impossible to decide which one is right for you. Luckily, Lordet is here to offer some direction. "Bring inspiration in to your stylist and tell them what you love about those photos," he says. "Look for what suits people with a similar face shape to you and have your stylist tell you the best way to translate the look you want to your face and hair type." And perhaps most importantly, "Be realistic about how much time you want to spend styling your hair every day."

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