I've Tried Almost Every Curl-Care Brand on the Market, But This One Always Stands Out

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Since I have pretty dry hair, it can be difficult to find products that truly work for me or offer all the things I need. While my hair is naturally dry, I also have thick, 3c curls that need some extra help to stay healthy and hold their curl pattern. My haircare-item checklist includes the following: It must offer serious, long-lasting hydration; curl definition; and extra detangling, and it has to add some softness to my normally crunchy strands. Honestly, I never thought this was too big of an ask, but finding products that meet these criteria has proven harder than I thought. Even as a beauty editor who has the opportunity to try many different formulas, I've found that there's always something missing or my hair doesn't like certain products, even after I give them some time to work. It's frustrating to say the least, but if you find yourself with a similar hair type and in a similar situation, you'll definitely want to check out Bread Beauty Supply's offerings.

I first sampled a couple items from the brand a few years ago when it launched, but since then, the brand has expanded its range quite a bit to include even more incredible offerings for curlies. While I'm constantly trying new products (for research purposes, of course!), the below items are now staples in my routine, and I don't see myself even wanting to change things up anymore—I've found my holy grail! For all my thoughts on the brand's current range, keep scrolling. I'm breaking it all down ahead.

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