My Colleague Says She Gets Nonstop Compliments When She Wears This Fresh Perfume

The other day, I was in the office and I could not stop complimenting my colleague on her perfume. In fact, the whole team commented on how good she smelt. Funnily enough, she said that whenever she wore this specific perfume, she always had people asking her what fragrance she was wearing so that they could go out and buy it themselves.

As a beauty editor, I've tried my fair share of perfumes over the years and I know just how rare it is for multiple people to compliment you on your chosen scent. It's no secret that fragrance can be somewhat divisive, and team Who What Wear definitely has difference tastes when it comes to perfumes. However, we were all in agreement that this was one of the most delicious scents we had come across. So much so, that I got my hands on a bottle as soon as I could.

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I'm sure you're all wondering what fragrance I am talking about. Interestingly enough, it's not actually a new scent. The perfume in question came out in 2022, and has quickly established itself in the fragrance hall of fame thanks to the iconic bottle and sweet, sensual scent. Yep, that's right, I'm talking about Prada Paradoxe. Intrigued to know more about this designer perfume? Keep on scrolling for my full review...

Prada Paradoxe Review

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What Does Prada Paradoxe Smell Like?

First things first, what does this perfume actually smell like? Although it is a sweet, floral scent, it smells incredibly sensual and sophisticated thanks to notes of amber. It has delicate neroli and rich jasmine at the heart, and these were the first notes that I picked up on when I spritzed it onto my skin. However over time it became incredibly warm and inviting thanks to base notes of musk, making for a truly intoxicating finish. If you asked me to sum it up in three words, I would say sweet, sexy and unforgettable.

In my opinion, the notes could work for both day and night. I would personally reach for this in the evenings, but the floral heart means that it could also work well for any occasion. Although the sweet, juicy aroma makes it an ideal choice for spring and summer, I actually think that this would make a great autumn scent thanks to deep, warm amber and musk.

Does Prada Paradoxe Last Long?

Whenever I get my hands on a new fragrance, I like to test its longevity. I already knew that this scent would last quite long as I could smell it on my colleague all day, but I was definitely impressed by how well it lingered on my skin. That being said, if you were to wear this for both day and night, I would suggest popping it in your bag so you can top it up before heading out in the evening. If you do want a perfume that will last both day and night, I suggest checking out Prada Paradoxe Intense, a slightly more powerful scent that will be sure to turn heads.

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