This Limited-Edition Candle Collection Is Everything I Wanted From Diptyque

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Diptyque Parisian Café collection's Biscuit and Chantilly candles.

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For as long as I can remember, I've been a huge Francophile. The first novels I remember reading and absolutely loving were Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince and Ludwig Bemelmans's Madeline en française. Édith Piaf's heartfelt "La Vie en Rose" and "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" were staples in my household even when I didn't know what it meant to fall in and out of love. After seven years of studying French, I decided to spend a few months in Paris, where I was formally introduced to Diptyque. I remember walking into the boutique and feeling a wave of fragrance wash over me—the beginning of a lifelong love affair with the brand.

When I first received the news that the brand was releasing a limited-edition collection in collaboration with the world-renowned Café Verlet, the first thought that came to my mind was that there had to be the perfect croissant-scented candle. This collection, however, leaned away from the crispy, buttery delights that are so heavily associated with French cuisine and into fragrances inspired by Café Verlet's sensational offerings: spiced cookies, energizing coffee, sweet candied fruit, and smooth whipped cream.

The fun didn't end there. When I saw the works of art displayed for Diptyque's Parisian Café collection, I knew I would be obsessed. Whimsical, playful, and full of color, the packaging perfectly captures the romance of Paris (specifically Parisian café culture) in a few brilliant brushstrokes. When I slid the candles out of their boxes, I was greeted with even more eye candy—sketches of the candles' key fragrances notes on their votives. If that weren't already enough to completely fall in love with, Diptyque's classic labels have also been updated to reflect the imagery.

fI smelled each candle before lighting them, paying particular attention to the notes I could detect immediately. Each offered the scents I fully expected them to, but they were even more elevated than I initially imagined. I spent time getting to know each fragrance individually after taking a match to the wick, allowing myself to go through a truly transformative olfactory experience.

Portrait of Laurence Semichon, senior VP of Diptyque.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Diptyque)

Laurence Semichon, senior VP of Diptyque, gave me the inside scoop on the innovative partnership at the heart of this French cuisine–inspired collection. "The collaboration between Diptyque and Café Verlet is a harmonious union of two Parisian institutions, both revered for their exceptional savoir faire," she begins. "Diptyque, with a legacy dating back to 1961, has been a pioneer in the art of interior perfumery. Our decision to collaborate with Café Verlet, the epitome of Parisian coffee excellence since 1880, was deeply rooted in a shared commitment to craftsmanship and a passion for creating extraordinary sensory experiences."

This recognition of a shared thread led to a collaboration that seamlessly blended Diptyque's fragrance- and candle-making expertise with Cafe Verlet's practice of artisanal coffee roasting. "The result is a limited-edition collection that not only celebrates our shared values but also encapsulates the refined savoir faire of both Diptyque and Café Verlet," explains Semichon. Of course, the true excitement lies in what the collection brings to customers—four unique fragrances that encapsulate the olfactory experience of being in a Parisian café. Semichon even describes the achievement as being "a meticulous translation" of Cafe Verlet's offerings.

About the Collection

Diptyque Parisian Café collection Biscuit Candle.

(Image credit: Diptyque)

She also shared her take on each of the candles in the Parisian Café collection, starting with Diptyque's Biscuit. According to the brand's senior VP, Biscuit serves as an homage to the spices and enveloping notes of patchouli featured in Café Verlet's signature sweet treats. "This scent is not only a celebration of Café Verlet's renowned confections but also a nod to Diptyque's legacy in the art of candle-making, ensuring a sensorial experience that transcends the ordinary," Semichon tells us. Unboxing and lighting this candle certainly transported me there from the comfort of my living room, so I had high hopes for the rest of the collection.

Diptyque Parisian Café collection Café Candle.

(Image credit: Diptyque)

Despite my Seattle roots, I'm not a huge fan of drinking coffee. Diptyque's Café fragrance, however, makes me question why I ever thought I wasn't a coffee person. "The Café fragrance immerses you in the comforting aroma of a perfectly brewed coffee, taking you on a journey through the bustling streets of Paris and the warm embrace of a Parisian café," says Semichon. It's warm and inviting, which is exactly how I would imagine spending a rainy day at Café Verlet to be. All I need is a good book and a warm chocolate croissant, and I'm all set. Until I can plan my next trip to Paris, I'll be re-creating the same environment at home with the help of this candle.

Diptyque Parisian Café collection Chantilly Candle.

(Image credit: Nordstrom)

If you're looking for an elevated vanilla scent, this is it. "Chantilly, with its subtle vanilla notes, captures the essence of a delectable whipped cream topping, elevating the olfactory experience to one of pure indulgence," says Semichon. It pairs well with the other three fragrances included in this collection, adding a touch of sweetness to the bolder warm spices, patchouli, and coffee notes without being too heavy. Its glass votive is decorated with sketches of fluffy whip cream, easily making this my favorite design of the collection.

Diptyque Parisian Café collection Fruit Confits Candle.

(Image credit: Diptyque)

As you may have already guessed by the Editor's Pick badge that kicked off this article, the Diptyque boutique-exclusive Fruits Confits is my go-to scent of the bunch. It combines the same fruits I snack on during the spring and summer months for a bright, zesty scent I can't get enough of. "[Fruits Confits] introduces the zesty fragrance of succulent prunes enveloped in sandalwood, patchouli, and balsam, mirroring the delicate artistry of traditional confectionery," Semichon explains. I have my fingers crossed this fragrance will someday return in a eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and home reed diffuser so we can fully indulge ourselves.

I wouldn't be doing the collection justice if I didn't learn more about the vision behind the artwork adorning the packaging and votives of these candles. The imaginative drawings were created by British illustrator Clym Evernden. "For inspiration, Clym Evernden looked at the visual DNA of Diptyque and carefully considered the source ingredients for each of the Café Verlet candles," says Semichon. "Clym did an incredible job at marrying together his artistic vision of Paris with the beloved institution that is Café Verlet, which he emulated beautifully through the packaging and design for the collection." I'll be displaying these gorgeous candles long after they've been burned through.

My Final Impressions

It's now been a couple of weeks since I've received the limited-edition Parisian Café collection, and I'm already planning on stocking up on these candles before they're no longer being offered. "In essence, this collection represents a harmonious collaboration between Diptyque's heritage in olfactory expertise and Café Verlet's culinary excellence, creating a multi-sensory journey that transcends traditional boundaries," Semichon concludes. I couldn't agree more. Diptyque has once again far surpassed my expectations, and I couldn't be more excited to bring them with me to my next home on NYC's Upper East Side next month.

As a beauty editor, I rarely find a collection of fragrances that I can't bear to part with (usually, there's at least one I can go without), but I'll truly be in mourning once these are gone. Luckily, there are so many products to love from Diptyque that stick around! Take a look at my favorite products from the brand I've been loving lately, from the new three-piece Parisian Café candle set to my favorite berry-scented diffuser set. Bon appétit!

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