I Asked My Mom and Grandma for Their Skincare Secrets, and the Answers Are Gold

Two of the most beautiful women I've ever known in all my life are hands down my mom, Gerri, and my grandma, Lelia. Throughout my life, I've watched each of them carry out their own brand of personal upkeep; it always fascinated me as a child and likely has a lot to do with why I now geek out over moisturizer and lipstick for a living.

Each of these phenomenal women has shared copious amounts of wisdom with me over the years that has helped to shape my views of beauty. More importantly, the care and attention I've watched them bestow upon themselves helped me to recognize the beauty within myself and everyone else in this wild world. Not to mention the fact that they both look at least 20 years younger than they actually are, so yeah, listen up!

In the interest of absorbing as much of their beauty knowledge as I possibly can (and sharing the wealth with all of you!), I think it's time to solidify their beauty secrets in the vast permanence of the internet. Ahead, check out the vintage beauty tips my mom and grandma swear by for flawless skin.

Gerri, Age 61
What's the most crucial beauty tip you've learned, and who taught it to you?
Avya Day Moisturizer SPF 20

"I've learned to always moisturize your neck when you moisturize your face. I learned that from a beauty consultant when I attended a party years ago."

What are your thoughts on aging? Do you care to slow down the aging process?
W&P Porter Resusable Glass Water Bottle

"Aging is in inevitable, but since there's longevity in my family (and a good chance I'll live well into my 80s), I want to be and look as healthy as possible in my advanced years and age gracefully. One thing I do that will serve me in every aspect of my health is drink lots of water every day."

Are there any beauty rituals you once subscribed to that you now think are ineffective or a waste of time?
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Get

"I used to use heavy oil-based moisturizing products to prevent dry skin. I have found that I can get all of the moisture I need without all of the oil."

"I use cleanser every day, because in my opinion, washing my face is just as critical as brushing my teeth."

"Good moisturizers like Avya's night cream help to slow down and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on my face. I don't use a separate retinol, so I like that this one has vitamin A in it."

"I always like to spritz refreshing mists on my face throughout the day. It feels good and gives my skin a boost."

"I like using oils and balms to keep lips moisturized, too. MAC makes a nice one, and their lip products have been my favorites for as long as I can remember."

Lelia, Age 90
What's the most crucial beauty tip you've learned, and who taught it to you?
Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream

"I don't like to use a lot of makeup, because I think it's nice to show off your natural skin. I just think skincare is more important than makeup. I've always believed that; it's not something that was taught."

What are your thoughts on aging? Do you care to slow down the aging process?
Green Leaf Naturals Pure Aloe Vera Gel

"You grow older no matter what, so why not do it with a smile? And when all else fails, aloe vera fixes everything."

What's one makeup product you never use? Have you always skipped it, or did you once use it and decide down the line not to?
Dickinson's Witch Hazel Astringent

"I've never been a fan of foundation. I always skip it. Instead, I like to care for my skin with gentle things that don't cause irritation, so I don't need to cover it up."

"I never leave the house without lipstick. Never have; never will."

When do you feel most beautiful?

"I feel most beautiful when I'm surrounded by my family and loved ones."

Up next, I'm completely addicted to this $4 highlighter, thanks to my 71-year-old mom.

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