8 Beauty Products I'll Never Buy Again

I've quickly become a beauty brat. But seriously, having a great routine can rack up quite the receipt, so if I am not getting my money's worth, I try my best not to make a scene. I'm also as honest as can be since I'm always raving about my favorite products so loudly that names of the mediocre ones don't even leave my mouth. No matter how trendy or pretty an item looks on the well-lit Sephora shelves, I won't be endorsing it, period. 

As an avid collector of those aforementioned pretty products, I certainly have the occasional buyer's remorse. Between white-casting, spontaneous breakouts, and just absolutely no results with a $100 price tag, I think we've all been there. Allow me to save you from making the same mistakes as me by providing the best products in this story—every one has my word.

Tossing: Eye Creams With No Active Ingredients
Keeping: Serums and Gels That Are Loaded

I'm so anti–eye cream for many reasons. A lot of eye creams are basically glorified moisturizers with twice the price tag. If you're a die-hard eye-cream fan, worry not, but just know that you can probably use your favorite face cream to do the same thing. I've been loving eye serums, gels, and balms since they usually have active ingredients that do the heavy lifting.

I just found out for myself why everyone raves about this product.

Tossing: Heavy Foundations
Keeping: The Natural Look

I live for the natural makeup look. There is a no-tolerance policy for cakey foundations here. I can confirm that the picks below won't steer you wrong.


Tossing: Makeup-Removing Wipes
Keeping: Micellar Water

Makeup-removing wipes hit their peak in my high school days, but after seeing them being torn apart on social media, I'm out. The rubbing that is required to get them to really work can be tough on the skin. Ever since I switched over to micellar water, life has been so much easier. After one swipe with my cotton pad, I'm all set.

Tossing: Fruity Perfumes
Keeping: Sophisticated Fragrances

I remember when the perfume section at Victoria's Secret had its hold on me. Well, those days are over, and upgrading to more elevated scents has been the best decision ever. The below scents have gotten me so many compliments.

Tossing: Flimsy Sheet Masks
Keeping: Skin Transformers

I've been disappointed by sheet masks before. They're always so tempting when they're sitting in their pretty packages in the checkout line, so I regularly grab a few. The random selection process hasn't always served me, and I've stumbled across a few bad ones. However, I can guarantee you'll like the products below.


It's viral on Instagram for good reason.

Tossing: Oily Sunscreens That Cause White-Casting
Keeping: Lightweight SPFs

Sunscreen breakouts are real. I have no room for that kind of negative energy in my life. Plus, with my glowing darker complexion, it's been hard to find a sunscreen that doesn't add a white shadow to my face, known as white-casting. I used to avoid wearing sunscreen because of these issues, which is not the move if you care about your skin. The below products have really brightened my day.


If I could only buy one sunscreen for the rest of my life, here she is.

The many active ingredients really make for an extra-special sunscreen.

Tossing: Harsh Cleansers
Keeping: Spa-Like Refreshers

Washing your face should be relaxing and not at all uncomfortable. These moisturizing cleansers feel like a spa treatment, and my combination skin soaks them up. I have to recommend them.


Tossing: Body Creams That Leave Me Feeling Dry
Keeping: Moisturizers That Give Me Baby-Soft Skin

I've unfortunately had a large number of body lotions that just didn't do the job. It was hard to spread them, and I was still feeling dry after putting them on. I'm so in love with the below sunscreens that I find it hard to choose which one to use every day. You won't regret adding any one of them to your collection.


A few more products to help make up for the many regretful purchases of the past: