24 New (to Me) Beauty Products That Are Worthy of Selling Out

Beauty product recommendations

While I'm someone who has my tried-and-true products (EltaMD sunscreen for life), I love trying new products and telling anyone who will listen about them. And since you're here, I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm with you. I may be a fashion editor, but I'm passionate about all things cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and haircare, and I'm always happy to dip a toe into the world of a beauty editor. 

I may not have a beauty-product stash that even comes close to rivaling that of a beauty editor, but I do have the privilege of trying my fair share of products. (And I add to my Sephora and Violet Grey carts on a weekly basis.) I've tried quite a few new (to me, at least) things lately and have been dying to talk about them, so let's get to it, shall we?

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Merit's excellent Lip Oils had already won me over and I'm even more smitten now that these fall-ready colors are in my life. They're all beautiful, but if you buy just one, I recommend Cara Cara. Your lips will look juicy.

U Beauty never misses a step, so I was very eager to try its latest release. This groundbreaking zinc oxide SPF does more things than I can even list here, but the standouts to me (aside from the sun protection) are how effectively it evens out my skin tone and smooths fine lines.

Face oils can get pretty pricey, so I was happy to see that Summer Fridays' new one doesn't break the bank. It's packed with a bevy of nourishing oils, and my skin glows the next day after using it. Just read the reviews if you need more reason to add to the cart.

After recently removing my nail extensions myself (not recommended!), my natural nails were in need of some TLC. I love that this strengthened my nails while providing a hint of color.

Alastin is one of my desert island brands (translation: I can't live without it), so I kind of assumed that this eye cream was going to be epic before I even tried it. And yes, I was right. It does it all: reduces dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness plus helps to build collagen. It provides both immediate and long-lasting results. Consider me a lifelong fan. 

Tatcha is one of my other "desert island" brands, and this is my new favorite thing that the brand makes. I've never encountered a lactic-acid treatment that was so soothing and plumping. It's great under makeup and at night and is for every skin type. Worth every penny!

I'm pretty loyal to my Working Hands cream, but sometimes a girl just wants something a little more luxurious. I love a rich, non-greasy hand cream and that's exactly what this is. Plus, the scent is intoxicating. I highly recommend pairing it with the glorious Hinoki Hand Soap.

My goal is to have sunkissed skin year-round without actually encountering the sun. This newish Glossier release helps me to achieve that with very natural results. I put it along my hairline and along the bridge of my nose before I apply blush, and it's a quick and easy way to look glowy.

If you're on the hunt for a "grown-up" gloss, you're in luck. Everything Gucci Westman creates is so sophisticated and beautiful, and this liquid lip balm is no exception. It has staying power, the perfect amount of shine and cushion, and it comes in the most gorgeous shades (my pick is Garçonne).

This is something I've been meaning to try for ages, as my hair is long and thick. I don't completely know how it does it, but this little hair wrap significantly cut down my drying time. I was also happy to not have to wear a heavy terry cloth towel on my head.

I have a complicated relationship with highlighter. On one hand, I want to look glowy and ethereal, but on the other, I don't want to look like a sticky disco ball. While this new highlighter may be intense (a little goes a long way), it's so beautiful and striking. My favorite spot for it is my eyelids.

I'm usually pretty skeptical of natural deodorants, but they've really evolved in recent years. Mutha doesn't make a ton of products, so when it does, you know it really believes in them and has taken the time to perfect them. Using a cocktail of ingredients including arrowroot powder and sage oil, Mutha Deoderant smells amazing and actually keeps you dry.

While I'm loyal to my EltaMD, I'm always up for trying a new sunscreen. This is one that I'd definitely keep buying. It feels more like a serum going on (which I love) and doesn't leave a white cast even though it's a physical sunscreen. It also didn't leave my face with that dreaded greasy sunscreen film at the end of the day. I give it a 10 out of 10.

This is obviously more of a wellness product than a beauty product, but let's just go with it because it's awesome. As someone who holds a lot of tension and doesn't visit a masseuse often enough, this little device is a godsend. It's very powerful, so if you're a fan of deep tissue massages or sport massages, you'll love it. 

I rarely wear anything but nude lip colors, so I was thrilled to see that one of my favorite lip products now came in a sheer nude hue in a chic little tube. It's almost unbelievable how much this plumps and soothes your lips.

As someone who gets those pesky little bumps on my arms, I'm always looking for products to eradicate them. While other resurfacing products I've tried also do the trick, Farmacy is one of my favorite clean brands, so I'm declaring this my new favorite skin smoother.

I've long been a loyal Aveeno shave gel user, but my local Target hasn't been carrying it recently, so I tried Flamingo for the first time. Simply put, I'm hooked. It provides the perfect amount of cushion and makes my legs feel so soft that I barely even need lotion. Plus I haven't gotten one nick since I started using it. 

I ordered this because I was tired of my lipstick rubbing off on my mask. I also love anything that's classified as a moisturizing lip stain. This stays on for hours while somehow keeping your lips supple.

Tom Ford makes the best cream eye shadows on the planet, hands down. They're pigmented, long-lasting, and contain the perfect amount of shimmer. This gorgeous duo is the best of both worlds. I love to put a bit of the gold powder at the center of my lid and at the lower lashline after tapping the cream on.

This revolutionary lash tint with its little metal brush makes your lashes look so long and thick. The unique brush helps you to grab every single lash. Yes, it's pricey, but it's cheaper than eyelash extensions. 

Nécessaire's great Body Serum is my body lotion replacement in the summer. I hate feeling sticky, and this lightweight moisturizer is anything but. To sum it up, I'd even put jeans on after applying it to my legs.

I've always shied away from cream bronzers, but the new Glossier one emboldened me and I'd heard great things about this one. It's very sheer and a firm cream, so it's hard to mess up. The resulting glow is even more natural than a powder bronzer.

I've long been a fan of Brow Wiz, but I recently purchased this while seeking something a little more bold than the former. It's great at filling in sparse brows and I love using it in tandem with Brow Wiz, which is a little more precise.

I was initially intrigued by this because it has nearly a perfect 5-star rating and it's pretty well-priced for a luxury foundation. It makes the skin radiant and slightly dewy, and I actually like that it doesn't contain SPF. It's hard to find a tinted moisturizer that doesn't. If you want the no-makeup look but also want some coverage, I encourage you to try this.