I’m a Beauty Editor, and This Is Every Product I Used Up in 2020

There's nothing I enjoy more than being asked for a product recommendation. Whether it's a glow-seeking colleague asking for tips on the best brightening face masks or a tired mum friend seeking an eye cream that will actually work on dark circles, I have always loved offering up advice on the best beauty products. But how do I determine what's worth recommending? Well, I'm lucky in my job as a beauty editor to be sent a huge number of products to test, which means that my beauty stash is in near-constant rotation. Some products make their way in and out pretty sharpish, while others might stick around for a little while before making their way into my donation pile. There is no greater seal of approval, however, than when I finish up an entire product. Trust me—as a beauty editor, that is the sign of a truly brilliant product. And this year I finished 44 of them.


(Image credit: @LUELLEDK)

Yes, in 2020, I made it my mission to keep track of every single product that I used up so that I could enter the new year with a list of brilliant beauty-editor recommendations that I could truly swear by. Of course, a year involving a lot of sitting at home means that my list is light on makeup and heavy on skincare, and we can put my apparent obsession with vitamin C down to the fact that I had a new baby in the mix and was desperately seeking products that would help me look less tired. There are some seriously good beauty products here that I would repurchase time and again.

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Mica Ricketts