Zara's New Naked Shoes Will Give You "Barbie Feet" in Every Photo

Some of you might be asking yourselves, what in the world are "Barbie feet"? Click here for all the information you'll need (we did coin the term after all), but the SparkNotes version is this: "Barbie feet" is a trending new Instagram pose where the subject stands on their tip-toes in bare feet, ultimately giving them the leg length that comes with wearing high-heels, sans the shoes. According to a podiatrist, Instagram expert, and Mattel, this pose can "make you look taller and can possibly make your calves look more muscular" in photos.

Now while vacationing around the world 24-7 like some of the influencers we follow would be the dream, the reality is that in our day-to-day lives, shoes are nonnegotiable, but that doesn't mean "Barbie feet" are too. Thanks to Zara's latest naked shoes, you can now have "Barbie feet" in every photo and with every outfit. Swimsuits and beach attire are no longer the limit when it comes to this Instagram pose. It's no surprise that naked shoes can give you that, well, naked foot appearance, but Zara's latest iteration of the shoe trend looks almost like it was destined for #BarbieFeet fame. I mean, if the shoe fits…

Go on to shop Zara's latest version of naked shoes so you can get "Barbie feet" in your Instagram photos for posts to come. Additionally, check out some of our favorite influencers rocking the pose in their favorite naked shoes.

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