Flats and Jeans Work Well Together—These Outfits Are Worth a Try

In reality, jeans pair flawlessly with basically every shoe style out there. And yes, this includes flats. There's something quite effortless and chic about flats and jeans. In reference to the specific silhouettes, on the denim front, relaxed and straight-leg jeans reign supreme among the fashion crowd. For flats, ballet styles are back, and forward loafers are quite noteworthy.

Below, you'll uncover a range of fresh styling inspiration if you love this pairing. Included in the mix are casual looks with flats and jeans as well as outfits with a dressier vibe if that's of interest. Keep scrolling for more, including top-notch shopping recommendations. 

The best outfits with flats and jeans



This ensemble is timeless yet feels incredibly current at the same time with the relaxed white shirt tucked into jeans, complete with those trusty ballet flats.

A flats-and-jeans look can feel elevated with the addition of a sharp blazer.

Stylish outfits with flats and jeans



Bomber jackets are trending and look cool with a white tee, loose jeans, and flats.

Consider pairing a fun crop top with your straight-leg jeans and flats for a playful vibe.

For a forward silhouette, go for a tailored vest, distressed jeans, and ballet flats or loafers.