The Biggest Baby-Name Trends Among the Fashion Crowd

Perhaps we're biased, but fashion is one of the most creative sectors, which naturally translates to insiders' individual personal lives as well. And there's one very important way in particular that industry folk love to flex their creative muscles: baby names.

Baby names go in and out of style just quickly as fashion trends do (although thankfully not as quickly), and what was "in" 10 years ago is quite possibly a rarity in 2016. Curious as to what the current baby name trends are among prominent members of the fashion industry, we did our research and narrowed the findings down to four key trends that they're partial to right now.

And they might not be what you'd expect. While you'd think French and designer-inspired baby names would be the norm, we found that it's not really the case these days. But given the cyclical nature of the world, everyone will probably be naming their kids Chanel and Alessandro in coming years.

Keep scrolling to find out what the biggest fashion-crowd baby-name trends are, and shop pieces that every stylish mom owns! 

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Opening Image: Getty Images