This Cult Fashion Brand Is About to Change the Way You Shop

Over the past couple years, it seems as though most people in the fashion industry have been questioning the traditional seasonal model. Instead of clothing designs debuting months before, see-now-buy-now is taking over with brands like Rebecca Minkoff, Tommy Hilfiger, Alexander Wang, and Burberry all adjusting their work, if even just slightly, to make products more quickly available. And the next brand to really shake things up is AYR. But it's not shifting seasons—it's scrapping them entirely.

"The decision to drop seasons and shift our delivery cadence came quite instinctually," says Jac Cameron, co-founder and creative director. "We wanted to clearly align ourselves with our customers' demands—giving her new product on a weekly basis, and get away from the churn and burn mentality." In other words, the brand—that's already wooed the fashion world with its cult-classic sellout pieces—will now be debuting a new product (or products) every week to complete your wardrobe in a thoughtful way.

According to Cameron, and fellow AYR co-founder and CEO Maggie Winter, this change will allow more freedom for customers who don't care to stick to a shopping routine dictated by the weather or the ebb and flow of trends. "It's really a label for women who don't like being labeled," Winter sums it up about the collection that focuses on style essentials.

The first batch of weekly designs will drop this week on the AYR site—the new The Crush ($275) jeans are already available—and the rest will follow suit on a regular basis.

Scroll to take a peek at the latest designs.

Do you prefer a more immediate shopping format like this, or would you rather stick to seasonal shopping? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.