F/W 18 Fashion Trends: The Only Looks You Need to Know

To say the F/W 18 fashion trends are really tempting is a massive understatement. Some of the key looks for the new season have hit both high-fashion departments and high-street stores way in advance with the chief of the tribe found within the huge array of animal prints that have touched down everywhere from Balenciaga to Topshop. If you aren't wearing leopard, zebra, cow, or snake prints within the next few days, I'll eat my new Manolos.

This first major trend is an indicator of what's to come for the rest of the year: Things are looking loud, shiny, touchy, feely, Instagram-this-ASAP. You could say it's an "always on" approach to getting dressed: No outfit—no matter how casual—is devoid of a talking point or two. There are the boldest iterations of this way of thinking: Imagine super-short party dresses rendered in '80s-style duchess satin with puffy shoulders, worn with all of the not-so-essential accouterments for making a grand entrance like costume jewelry and sunglasses (at night).

And there are the more subtle routes in: Perhaps you'll update your somber autumn looks with a pair of bright-red knee-high slouchy boots or a crystal hairclip that gets everyone in your circle wanting to copy you immediately. Perhaps you'll be drawn away from the usual blacks and greys you rely upon when the weather takes a turn and jump into a world of pretty pastel blues (suiting is key here) or all-brown-everything (retro, '70s silhouettes prevail, but brown anything will get a fashion editor's seal of approval here).

There are some trends that are just too plain wacky to really affect your wardrobe, so for that reason, we've left out a few ideas we know you'd rather sidestep. (Balenciaga's 20 layers à la Joey from Friends is excellent meme fodder, but come on, no one has that much time to style an outfit each morning). Instead, the below looks are the ones that are fast filtering onto the street style scene and into your favorite stores. Before you know it, September will arrive, and the below guide will ensure you're 100% ready with realistic, really enjoyable trends to try out.

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