This Is How Our Favourite Fashion Girls Are Looking After Their Hair at Home

There’s no doubt that the current lockdown situation has affected our daily beauty routines in different ways. While some of us are thriving as we take a more laissez-faire approach to our appearance, others are itching to get back to the salon. One thing that unites us all in our recent beauty experiences, however, is having to deal with lockdown hair. From grown-out roots to breakage, it seems we’re all at a loss about what to do with our lengths.

Whether you’re indulging in more hair masks than ever or have even turned to an at-home cut, believe us when we say we really feel your pain. Constantly seeking new ways to deal with our misbehaving strands, we reached out to some of the chicest people we know to see what at-home routines they have adopted in a bid to get their hair to play ball.

Zeena Shah: @heartzeena


(Image credit: @HEARTZEENA)

"My natural hair is pretty wild! As it is really thick, there's a whole lot of frizz and volume (not in a good way) if I don't use any products in it. It can also get quite dry so I always apply serums or oil to the ends after washing. Usually, I would blow-dry it straight and then run my GHDs over any parts that are a bit frizzy still. 

"Since I’ve been at home more, I've noticed my hair seems drier than usual. Breakages are another pain point for me because, as my hair gets longer, it gets weaker. I can see it suffering from a lack of a regular trim at the moment.

"I'm definitely washing my hair less (along with the rest of the country). I've also started to let it go a bit wild, leaving it to dry naturally rather than blow-drying. I've been using Herbivore's Sea Mist Spray and plaiting it before going to sleep or popping it into a low bun while it dries to give me a gentle wave and beachy hair look. I've also stopped using hair bands as much to avoid breakages and instead have been opting for a hair clip or claw. I've also started taking hair supplements and ordered some hair masks which I never usually have time for.”

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Camille Charrière: @camillecharriere



"I’ve been dyeing my hair for almost eight years now. Naturally, my hair is very straight and a kind of light brown with a few auburn highlights (which I hated growing up). Dyeing it added so much texture and helped me achieve the tousled, undone bed-head look. I don’t brush it or dry it. When it’s still wet (I wash it every day and use a lot of conditioner), I comb it with my fingers straight out of the shower and then just let it air dry. For this to work, it needs a really good haircut. (I recently met George Northwood, who is looking after it for me.)

"As trivial as this may sound, I have been quite annoyed at how badly my hair has been behaving during this difficult time. I was having a bit of a crisis over the colour as I had a bad experience last year, which meant I had to let it grow without giving the colour a freshen-up for a few more months than I normally would, and then lockdown hit. The combination of super-grown-out roots and no fresh cut has left my hair really floppy and almost greasy-looking. I guess not dyeing it changes the texture.

"I have tried to wash it less, use a deep-cleansing shampoo and ease off on all the extra masks that are making it heavier. I have already booked my appointment with my colourist and am counting down the days! I can’t wait to have it dyed again so it finally has some texture. My routine is normally very low maintenance and I just want to go back to that. Until then, I’m wearing it up in a crocodile clip!”

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Celeste van Joost: @celmatique


(Image credit: @CELMATIQUE)

"My hair is naturally curly and consists of different curl patterns, but that goes for most mixed curly gals! On top of that, I have blonde highlights, so I need to take extra good care of it. I use Olaplex every now and then to rebuild the structure of my hair. On a daily basis, it’s all just moisture, moisture, moisture. Sometimes the frizz can’t be stopped, but you should love your hair whatever the condition.

"I only wash my hair once a week and give it extra love when I see it’s needed. I use a leave-in every day. Overall, my routine hasn’t changed that much. Wash day is still wash day! Since being at home, though, I have been experimenting a bit more with coloured hair masks. I’ve loved experimenting with them, so I’ll definitely continue doing that!”

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Monikh Dale: @monikh


(Image credit: @MONIKH)

"My natural hair is a mixture of curly, wavy, frizzy, with a few straight strands thrown in. During this lockdown, I’ve learnt to embrace it. I’m either letting it dry naturally or pulling it back into a bun with a hair mask in. I’m trying to enjoy the natural way. But that doesn’t mean I’m not desperate for a cut! If it’s left too natural, I can look a little too scruffy, so I need to learn how to tame it a little more. I have always hated doing my hair, so my new carefree beauty routine in a breath of fresh air.”

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Claire Most: @claire_most


(Image credit: @CLAIRE_MOST)

"Naturally, I have curly hair with different textures throughout (3C and 4A). It needs a lot of hydration and moisture, so I usually have to do regular masks and use a cream and gel to hold the curls. Usually, after around three days, I’ll opt for a sleek bun for the rest of the week. 

"Like a lot of people, I spent more time online during this lockdown, and I have seen a couple of YouTube videos that pushed me to check if the products I was using were ‘clean.’ The shampoo, conditioner and mask I was using already were, but the styling products weren't. 

"Over the past couple of years, I have had a bit of dandruff and suffered with a dry and itchy scalp. Since I stopped using those ‘unclean’ styling products three weeks ago, my scalp is way healthier and I don't have dandruff anymore! 

"I feel like I still need to find the perfect new routine for my hair. It takes time to find the right products, so I will definitely miss the free time to do research. The research I’ve done during this time has definitely taught me to be more careful with the products I am using.”

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Stephanie Broek: @stephaniebroek


(Image credit: @STEPHANIEBROEK)

"My hair is naturally wavy, sometimes even curly depending on how it dries. When I was younger, I used to go in with a lot of mousse and have long, big curls, but since I have been in my 20s, I've been doing the opposite. I wash my hair once a week, and after I get out of the shower, I comb it with a Tangle Teezer when it's still wet. Then I apply a leave-in cream while straightening my hair with my fingers. If I feel like my hair needs it, I'll also use a few drops of Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil. Then I put my hair in a low ponytail and let it air dry for a few hours. This way my hair dries flat at the top and I'll get waves in the lengths.

"I haven’t really changed anything about my routine since lockdown started, but I have been doing more masks, as I have more time in the mornings! A part of me always thought that masks were more for relaxation, but I've really noticed a big difference. It's been four months since my last hair cut now, and with my hair length, I’m surprised it’s not in worse condition. I'm too lazy to style it, and there isn't really a point in doing so since I'm not going anywhere. I suppose I probably should as I think it could help uplift my mood on days when I’m not feeling so great!”

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