I'm a Shopping Editor, and This Is the One Designer Bag I Carry All the Time

There is a certain stereotype of fashion editors that the media loves to peddle—you know the sort: glossy glamazons tottering around in sky-high stilettos, clutching an assortment of microscopic designer handbags. Well I hate to disappoint, but when it comes to accessories, specifically bags, I am boringly utilitarian, but thankfully there is one piece in my arsenal which manages to offer both form and function. Oh A.P.C Demi-Lune, how did I ever function without you?


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For clarity, this is what I require of my handbags: I want something I can chuck all my stuff in, looks good with everything I own and, most importantly, something that allows me to go hands-free as I go about my day. (I haven't got time to cradle my handbag like a newborn baby whilst juggling coffees and iPhones.) I have also known that A.P.C's Demi-Lune was considered a classic in the designer bag stakes, but it wasn't until I got a gift voucher that I seriously considered the purchase. 

I've always loved the distinctively Parisian appeal of the A.P.C bag, with its minimalist lines, classic colourways and discrete branding. It is also notably more affordable than many other cult designers. Yes, it's still very much an investment, but not one that will set you back four figures. I've now owned my navy blue Demi Lune for around three years now and it honestly looks as good as the day I bought it (aside from the odd barely visible scuff).


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I know that taking the plunge with a premium brand can be an intimidating prospect, but trust me when I tell you, this tote will make your money back in cost per wear. Also, there's a few styles currently on sale or available on Vestiaire Collective, which has plenty of secondhand iterations if you're working with a tighter budget. (I've included a few examples below.) Scroll down to shop the style.

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Opening image: @francescasaffari