Anna Wintour's Capsule Wardrobe She Always Packs for Paris


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Much like Kate Middleton and her royal tours, we always love to see what Anna Wintour wears when she travels internationally. When anyone—celebrity or not—packs for a trip, their outfits are typically more thought-out given the restrictions of having to choose from pieces in a suitcase as opposed to an entire closet. When you throw fashion week and dozens of street style photographers into the mix, you can bet Wintour's outfits are especially considered.

Wintour always packs certain items when she attends Paris Fashion Week. For starters, she reliably wears skirt suits in the City of Light—specifically tweed ones with midi skirts. Yes, she owns at least three different versions of this exact outfit, and we don't blame her in the least for having a go-to uniform. Scroll down to shop Anna Wintour's capsule wardrobe she always packs for Paris Fashion Week shows.

Skirt Suits


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Skirt suits are a staple in Anna Wintour's suitcase for Paris. In particular, she favors midi lengths and tweed fabrics—preferably by Chanel. 


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Printed Dresses and Strappy Sandals


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Anna Wintour knows you can never go wrong with printed dresses and strappy sandals. She is famous for wearing Manolo Blahnik shoes, but there are plenty of stylish options at cheaper price points to get the same vibe. 


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Satin Party Dress


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Wintour after dark. Inevitably, there will be a fancy party on her Paris itinerary, so she never forgets to bring an evening look. The $60 H&M option below is certainly Wintour-worthy if you ask me. 

Snakeprint Boots


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Last but not least, you'd have to pry Wintour's snakeprint boots from her cold, dead hands. 


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