I Broke Anna Wintour's Rule About Interview Outfits—Here's What I Learned

Anna Wintour knows what she's talking about, guys. You might remember that I covered one of her quotes from a Vogue video on the topic of interview outfits. Wintour said that you should never wear something that doesn't suit your personality and that you obviously bought the day before, and it immediately rang true to me.

I will admit a somewhat embarrassing confession: Three and a half years ago, I bought a new pink-and-white striped sheath midi dress that I thought looked more professional than my other dresses. I then scrambled to find shoes that would go with them and ended up buying sky-high white pointy-toe pumps, which are so far from my personal style it's laughable. I'm already 5'10" and I get awkward when I tower over people even more, so I usually wear kitten or block heels, sneakers, or flats—never stiletto pumps. I'm sure it's no surprise that I never wore the dress or the shoes I bought for that interview ever again.

The dress isn't that bad and I actually would wear it again, but it's the type of item that stays in my closet for some day that never really comes. Sound familiar? The sheath silhouette feels too corporate for my fashion job, so it isn't something I would wear to the office on a regular old day—and that exactly was my mistake.

Thankfully I did get the job, but I certainly didn't gain any confidence from my outfit because it wasn't really me. Not only did it not align with my personal style, but I felt unwieldy in uncomfortable sky-high shoes I would never normally wear. I'm not totally against buying a new outfit for an interview, but if you do feel the urge to buy something new, don't fall into the trap that it has to scream "job interview" above all else.

Instead, it should be something appropriate but still in line with your personal style. Furthermore, your interview outfit should be something you would wear to a regular meeting at the office if you do land the job—not something exclusive to Job Interview Land. Otherwise, you'll feel out of place and may never wear the outfit again like me. The moral of the story? Anna Wintour is always right.

Scroll down for three outfit combos I would wear to a job interview—and not regret.

3 Regret-Free Interview Outfit Combos

1. Colorful Blazer and Striped Top

If the dress code doesn't demand a black blazer, have some fun and try out colorful options instead. A blazer will always be classic and polished, but fun hues add a healthy dose of personality and will make you stand out from the crowd. 

2. Sleek Jacket + Metallic Skirt

Listen, there's no law that says you have to wear a pencil skirt for a job interview. A midi-length pleated skirt can be a fun yet still an appropriate option if it's something that suits your personality. A statement skirt can be easily tempered with a sleek jacket or coat on top. 

3. Puff-Sleeve Dress

Don't be afraid to incorporate some trends into your job interview outfit. The key is to go for very subtle details if you are working within a stricter dress code and experiment if you have more freedom. Puff sleeves are still going strong for 2019, and there are plenty of non-revealing, midi-length options that are professional with pizazz.