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Hopeless romantics always say that the love of your life is typically sitting right under your nose—either that or your next swipe on Raya. For Amrit Sidhu and Jon Tietz, both ended up being true. Say what you want about love at first sight, but this couple's story is quite a testament to the idea. "Recently, we found out that we both told our mums [the day after our first date] that we had met our person, which is really sweet. We got matching belly button piercings on our third date and tattooed each other's names by the end of our first month of dating. You could say we jumped right in. Hey, when you know, you just know!" says Sidhu. "I am now a firm believer in trusting the timing of the universe. Jon and I had orbited the same circles, lived in the same neighborhoods, and worked in the same industry for over a decade, but we never connected until the moment was right—which was ironic because we didn't meet until we lived in two different cities." She lived in Los Angeles, and he lived in New York.

Now acting as the poster children for dating-app success stories among their friends, the couple has been inseparable ever since and has kept up that all-or-nothing mentality throughout the entirety of their relationship. From moving in together in L.A. to most recently getting pregnant with their now firstborn child to eloping in Las Vegas, there is no doubt that these two have been keeping their loved ones on their toes since the day they met. Even their engagement came as a shock to the bride herself: "I was surprised because we had already agreed to elope, so I wasn't expecting a formal proposal, but it was perfect," says Sidhu. "I went on a girls' trip to Europe, and Jon met me at the end afterward in Morocco. We also found out we were pregnant on that trip, and he proposed on the last day. It was perfect—just the two of us in this stunning villa lying in bed—and it felt surreal."

After getting to know these two a little better, the content from their special day in Sin City will be that much more of a delight. Between their vintage suits, the cherub-filled Vegas chapel, and their very fitting trip to the casino at the end of the night, this elopement will have you rethinking traditional wedding events from this day forward. But what else can you expect when a DJ, podcast host, and music curator gets married to a stylist and creative consultant? Scroll down to see how their elopement played out and to hear some noteworthy tips and commentary from the bride herself.


(Image credit: Sophia Schrank)

Following the "untraditional" theme of this Las Vegas wedding, Sidhu admits to being extremely casual about everything, from the getting-ready process to the ceremony itself. "We actually got massages right before the ceremony because my girlfriends had set us up with this massage experience," she admits. "The masseuse was making small talk asking what we were up to later that day, and we told her that we were getting married right after. She kicked us out and told me to go wash my hair! She thought we were nuts."


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"We got ready together. We stayed at a nice suite at the Bellagio that had separate bathrooms, so we were just listening to music and basically chatting as we got ready and laughing that we were about to go and get married. Because it was so chill, there was nothing stressful about it." 


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"My beauty look was pretty casual, barefaced glam. I wanted to feel like myself."


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"This is our dog, Soy. She was keeping us company, but she wasn't present at the actual ceremony. She's the best but a little too chaotic to have had there without a minder. Look at her—she's so damn cute. She would have stolen the show and upstaged us. We always take her on our Vegas road trips, so we had to have her along for the ride. It was fun to come home to her afterward too! It wouldn't have been right without her."


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WWW Weddings tip: "Get a lymphatic massage before your wedding. This helped so much with my swelling since I was pregnant and helped me to feel contoured and less bloated before the big day. I love Ricari Studios. Kate is my girl there, but they're all pretty great. It honestly makes such a big difference, and it really is worth the splurge for a special event."


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The bride and groom both wore vintage suits to their ceremony. "The suit I wore was a two-piece cream silk vintage oversize blazer and wide-leg palazzo pair of pants," says Sidhu. Despite the fact that she wore something other than a dress to her wedding, Sidhu tells us she actually gets the most comments on her engagement ring. "Our wedding and my engagement rings were custom by bespoke designer Maggi Simpkins. My engagement ring was an emerald-cut champagne diamond that Jon had worked with Maggi to create," she says. "She also made us matching gold bands. Mine was a wider-cut, more bubble style, and Jon's was a little slimmer and flatter (similar to one his dad wears). The rest of my jewelry was some of my mum's older gold pieces that I wear, daily simple rings, and gold hoop earrings from Mejuri." 


(Image credit: Sophia Schrank)

"We both wore sunglasses with our looks—not through the service but for a lot of the photos. It was Vegas, after all. Jon's were Jacques Marie Mage, and mine were the classic Versace."


(Image credit: Sophia Schrank)

"My suit was from Happy Isles. Finding it was a spur-of-the-moment thing, which seems to be the theme of this wedding. My friend Alyssa and I were having a girly vintage shopping day when we popped in here. They have a great selection of vintage and bridal that isn't traditional but more cocktail and special formalwear. I was going back and forth on a dress and a suit so had two options and didn't pull the trigger on deciding right up till the day before. My headpiece was a '70s-style ostrich-feather hat. It felt more fitting than a traditional veil. It was also from Happy Isles." 


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"Jon wore a classic black Polo suit and bow tie. There's an old photo we both loved from Bianca and Mick Jagger's wedding that very much encapsulated the classic '70s wedding glamor that we loved, and that was a main reference point for us—John and Yoko too. His shoe was a Dior glam rock–style pointed patent-leather lace-up oxford." 


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"I wore these low zebra-embellished mules from Charles & Keith. I ended up going with these because they were the perfect heel height to be comfortable in. Plus, the embellishment had a very '70s vintage feel, which worked with the look." 

WWW Weddings tip: "Make a collaborative playlist. This was big for us since we drove down, so we used this soundtrack for the entire experience, from the drive down to getting ready. It was a big bank of special songs that we now have for the memories."


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"Our flowers were made by our dear friends Ezra and Michael of Pretend Plants & Flowers. I carried a long-stemmed scepter-style bouquet of buttery cymbidium orchids and pale-pink nerines wrapped in a long silk bow, and Jon wore a sky-blue carnation boutonnière."

Fun fact: "They also did Chloë Sevigny's iconic wedding bouquet!"


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WWW Weddings tip: "Preserve your wedding flowers in resin. This is something, in hindsight, I wish I had done. It's such a beautiful keepsake to have. Since we drove in the blistering heat, I don't think our flowers would have lasted, but I've seen this technique recently, and it's such a cute idea and a way to keep your special florals."


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"We got married at the La Chapelle Royale (one of the chapels at the Paris Las Vegas), stayed at a suite at the Bellagio, and had a late-night dinner at the Mayfair. The theme and décor were very much 'Vegas glamor.' We both love the '70s glitz of vintage and opulence, and doing it in Sin City really sealed the deal." 


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"Our chapel had these angelic cherubs and gold trimmings. It was truly opulent. Vegas has always been a special place for us. We do a lot of spontaneous road trips there to catch a show or go on a vintage trawl, so it felt like the perfect setting." 


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"We both consider ourselves more spiritual versus religious, so we adjusted the ceremony to a nondenominational script with our officiant, who was truly this kooky old-school Vegas character. He wasn't an Elvis impersonator exactly, but he was definitely a performer." 


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"I was really close with my grandad who passed when I was a teenager and had always envisioned him walking me down the aisle, as he was always my father figure and example of love growing up. He was the first person who really made me love music and would always be playing the keys and old-school music like Elvis, so I walked down the aisle to 'Can't Help Falling in Love With You,' and it felt like he was walking me." 


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"I was around two months pregnant at the time of the ceremony with our daughter, so it was really cool to have her there secretly along for the ride. We also brought our beloved dog, Soy. It was the perfect intimate group—just the four of us, our brand-new family to be." 


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WWW Weddings tip: "Make a mood board together! This helped us get on the same page from the start and also helped when we were working with designers (floral and jewelry) to understand the creative direction. Both Jon and I are visually stimulated people, so we really enjoyed doing this. It also was a fun activity we could do together to get us excited for the day."


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"The funniest part of the day was realizing we had to pay the venue in cash, and of course, we didn't have any on us in our wedding looks. So we had to run down to the casino to get cash out from the gambling box in our wedding gear. It just added to the story, really!"


(Image credit: Sophia Schrank)

WWW Weddings tip: "Shoot both film and digital photos if possible. We were both set on an older black-and-white film style that our photographer, Sophia Schrank, nailed, but she also shot digital simultaneously, and I'm so glad we did because we had a backup of certain shots that we didn't get on film. Also, it was nice to get the film edits a few days later and the digital ones instantly just to look back." 

Photographer: Sophia Schrank

Florist: Pretend Plants & Flowers

Wedding Location: La Chapelle Royale 

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