I Went From Spending $100 to $6 on Cryofacials Thanks to This Innovative Brand


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Nighttime skincare routines have always been my area of strength. I can easily give up 30 minutes to massage an assortment of serums into my face to settle down before bedtime. In the morning, however, I've traditionally struggled with making time for a skincare routine. I'm always rushing out the door for a workout class and then coming home and rushing to open up my laptop and get to work. Ever since I discovered Ameon, that all has changed. New skincare brands regularly arrive on the scene, and I normally don't catch onto the hype of something new because it always feels like they're doing the same thing over and over again in different fonts. Ameon has invented a revolutionary method that is unlike anything I've seen before and makes me excited to take care of my skin. 

The story behind this brand is extremely inspiring. The founder, Alina Mehrle, was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her life was flipped upside down. "I never could imagine that I would have been diagnosed with breast cancer, especially at such an early age," she said. "I had no family history, and I don't have the BRCA gene. It was out of the blue and gave me the chance to rethink and reevaluate my life and priorities. The treatment caused extreme damage to my skin. On my journey to heal, rejuvenate, and restore it, my oncologist introduced me to cryotherapy, which completely changed my skincare routine and inspired me to found Ameon and create our signature product, Frozen Essence."

Cryotherapy is a great skincare method that I've tried myself, but those facials can get pricey at about $100 a session where I live in New York City. Mehrle found a way to make the experience of cryotherapy quick and easy at home for just $6 a session, and it's only a matter of time before this method takes over the beauty world. I'd recommend shopping it fast.

Why cryotherapy? The method instantly reduces inflammation and puffiness. I'm the kind of person who likes results right away, and this is an easy way to do it. My favorite thing about the Frozen Essence is how hydrating the ingredients are.

Mehrle told me, "I love to use our Glow Manifesto Ice Cubes in the morning because the result is immediate, and your skin feels hydrated and supple for the whole day. Additionally, in the evening or after exfoliation, I love to treat my skin with Supreme Energy Ice Cubes. These are highly recommended for oily, acne-prone skin, and my skin always feels bouncy and fresh after using them."

The Results


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I'm the kind of person who wakes up after eight hours of sleep and still feels puffy. The morning simply does that to you. I've tried using a gua sha, but it requires consistency to see true results, and that really hasn't been me. In my search for a solution, I stumbled across Ameon. Mehrle hosted an event at the home of Julia Haart, and as soon as I heard about the product, I was rushing home to pop it into my freezer and try it for myself. 

I asked Haart what drew her to the product, and she told me, "I was so impressed with Alina's strength and gentleness. You would think those are mutually exclusive, but they're not. Alina took a painful, traumatic experience and used it as her impetus to innovate, create, and benefit people everywhere. I think that's incredibly beautiful." When Haart first tried the product she thought, "It makes perfect sense that the product is so wonderful and effective. By delivering all of these incredible ingredients to your skin through ice, it guarantees deeper penetration and garners an immediate skin-tightening and rejuvenating effect, which simultaneously creates lasting change."

My initial thought when I got home and tried the product was, "Holy glow!" My skin lit up right away and looked like I just had a facial. I felt like I had the perfect base for my makeup routine and looked better than ever without makeup. I told my friends right away and keep coming back to this routine to start my morning. If you're a bit slow in the morning, the Frozen Essence is the perfect caffeine-free wake-up call because the ice will really shock your system and get you moving.

Details + Benefits


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Something I love about the Frozen Essence is that it's more than just cold water. These ice cubes are juiced up with powerful active ingredients that make an impact on your skin and prep it for powerful serums. 


Alina Mehrle, Founder of Ameon

How does skin icing with Frozen Essence work? What does it do?

It causes blood vessels to constrict and then dilate, pulsing our carefully balanced ingredients deeper into the skin, where they act quickly to hydrate, firm, and reduce redness and imperfections. Skin icing with Frozen Essence also helps serums and moisturizers work better, which means it enhances nearly every traditional skincare routine.

At what point while creating the product did you feel like you were ready to share it with the world?

It took me and our team four years, as product development took more than two years. Ameon is a personal project that represents who I am as a woman and demonstrates what I value professionally. I wanted to create a brand with a soul where each product is a necessity. We launched in June 2022, and in July our Frozen Essence won the Cosmoprof Award in Las Vegas. Now, we are also excited to share that we are officially launching with Neiman Marcus this summer.

We are a niche brand that is produced locally. Our facility, packaging factory, and lab/manufacturer are located within a radius of 50 miles in New Jersey. We require more handwork. For example, the crystal on top of Holy Cream is assembled by hand. We opened a hidden spa room by appointment only in Equinox Rockefeller Center in New York to share the Ameon experience with customers, which allows them to learn more about the brand. We enjoy every step of the journey, and I want to run the business at my speed so I can experience every step of the process.

Does it have long-term results? 

Yes, when used consistently. Skin icing has a cumulative effect. We call it "ice glow." Usually, I recommend skin icing as a course daily for a week and then two to three times a week when your skin needs extra love. Someone named our facial ice cubes a "cold roller on steroids" because of how powerful and transformative it is. Thanks to our formulas, they are activated by freezing. 

Julia Haart, Brand Partner

Why do you think the Ameon products work so well?

They ensure the deep distribution and penetration of some of the most effective skin ingredients. 

What is something that you look for in a product that makes you want to share it with your audience?

I love to share what I love. I've done it forever with my daughters, so this is a natural extension of that. As much pleasure as I derive when I find a really good product, … I derive so much more from sharing it with others. 

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