This $12 Travel Accessory Is Blowing Up on Amazon

Packing hacks often divide travelers—the fold-or-roll debate is just the start—but there's one little-known product that seems to have unanimous approval. It's simple, affordable, and according to five-star reviews on Amazon, totally game-changing: Yamiu's waterproof, nylon travel shoe bag set. Travel+Leisure points out that the $12 product is one of Amazon's most popular travel accessories. The set of four bags includes two small and two large bags, which can be used for holding shoes, makeup, toiletries, or cords. It's made from nylon fabric, which is waterproof and lightweight. And, to top it all off, it has a lifetime warranty.

The reviews say it all. According to Amazon user DeniceAZ, it's the perfect way to protect your belongings from anything that spills in your luggage mid-flight. "I laid a bag in the sink and sprayed it with water. Inside is dry!" Another user said it was ideal for a hiking trip. "The shoe bags … took us through five African countries where I trekked for gorillas, chimps, golden monkeys, and other safari journeys. Even though the shoes were cleaned after every trek there was still some particles of dirt on the shoes and sometimes they were still wet but I could put my boots in the bag … and know my suitcase would remain debris-free."

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