26 Totally Random, Yet Expensive-Looking Home Décor Items I Found On Amazon



Yup, I've fallen into the pits of Amazon again. This time I spent nearly four hours creating a virtual checklist of home decor items I'm ready to add to my new LA apartment. Usually spending nearly four hours straight on anything leaves me exhausted, but as someone who lives for home decor, it's one of my favorite past-times.

There's always a lot to unpack when it comes to shopping the home of two-day shipping, so a good tip to remember is to first know what it is that you're looking for. To find the really chic, expensive-looking pieces my secret is to use other fancy home decor sites as a reference point–otherwise, you'll be spending a lot more time wading through pages of lackluster stuff. With the right combination of search terms, you can potentially uncover some affordable gems that look triple the price. Now I'm sharing the fruits of my online shopping labor–scroll ahead to check out all of the Amazon home decor picks I'm currently crushing on.


The resurgence of chrome is a big home decor trend taking shape in 2021.

This looks like an item out of CB2–but much cheaper of course.

There's nothing more relaxing than the burning aromas of incense after a long day.

The natural fibers add understated warmth to neutral-toned rooms.

The bubble design is delightfully whimsical.

A cool, natural-looking addition to any coffee table.

A fancy surface to showcase your next fruit haul.

The cost-savvy alternative to Aalto stools.

A sleek, modern lamp will never not look amazing.

I've seen these sold at specialty boutiques for much more; they're also super space-saving seats for small interiors.

Smeg appliances are eternally on my wishlist.

Pro-tip: candles are an easy mood maker. Grab some simple taper candles (or twist candles if you're fancy) and add them to these candleholders for a chic decorating hack.

I can confirm, this rug is super plush and amazing. The neutral check pattern looks elevated too.

If you're looking to save some space, skip the accent chairs and opt for an ottoman instead.

Eucalyptus not only smells amazing, but it also looks great tucked into a chic vase.

Display an elaborate cheese platter, or use it to cut fresh veggies.

One of my favorite candles on the planet.