This Secret Amazon Instagram Is a Fashion Gold Mine

Amazon is a blessing and a curse. Anything to your door in two days is pure genius. But if, like me, you've ever fallen down a black hole of product—you know, shopping for sneakers only to end up with a new fan, the latest Michael Chabon book, and a head-scratcher all in your cart—you understand the website's overwhelming vastness. That's why when I stumbled across Fashion Secrets, an Instagram devoted to curating the best of Amazon, I was instantly smitten.

Let me preface this story with a warning: The pieces curated by the account won't be for everyone. If I had to categorize the curation, I'd use words like funny, ironic, and Hypebae-esque, but for the right shopper, everything is pure gold. Below, I've outlined 20 items from the curated feed that I desperately want (I think you probably will want them too). So all you savvy Amazon shoppers out there, read on and pick up a few cool goodies to Prime straight to your front door.