21 Under-$30 Amazon Fashion Purchases That'll Save Your Closet

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True or false: Amazon has completely saved your day on more than one occasion.

Whatever your response, it’s hard to deny that because of the site’s massive selection and speedy Prime offerings, Amazon has at least made life a little easier from time to time. And we’ll be as bold as to claim that the right purchases can even save your closet in more ways than one.

Scouring the site’s offerings, we found a huge number of fashion products that could come in handy in case of a fashion emergency (double-sided tape or foot insoles), last-minute plans (like a wedding you forgot you RSVP’d to), and for when you want to keep the clothes you love in tip-top shape (hangers, proper laundry bags, and stain repellant).

Below we’ve compiled the 21 best products—all under $30—that’ll come to the rescue in myriad ways. Buy them now, or if you’re a bit more daring, wait until you desperately need them and Prime your heart out.

You spent good money on your new boots. They deserve this.

We don’t mess around with even a little bit of shoe pain.

Not properly caring for the luxury lingerie you treated yourself to? Why not?

If your wire hangers are all tangled up, trust that these sleek velvet ones will change everything in your closet.

Wearing a bra doesn’t have to be all or nothing—these covers kind of land right in between.

An emergency LBD in case you need to RSVP ASAP.

Available in sizes 16 to 24.

No slips or potentially awkward moments here, thank you.

If you’ve ever taken a sweater out of your winter storage and screamed at the piles of pills, well, you’re welcome.

It’s time to stop tossing your good sunglasses into the abyss of your handbag. Protect ’em, and they’ll last so much longer.

When it seems like there’s no underwear option that’s discreet enough to wear under that gauzy white dress, these come to the rescue.

For when you want to wear your new trousers tonight, but your tailor’s not back in town until next week.

Save your wardrobe while traveling by organizing the contents of your carry-on and protecting your stuff from whatever dirt or dust is on the bottoms of your shoes.

If you don’t think a few classic T-shirts can’t save your closet, we’re concerned you haven’t found the right T-shirt yet.

Available in sizes S to L.

There are very few scenarios where a pair of trusty black pumps won’t go with whatever ensemble you’re looking to complete.

You swear your bra felt comfortable last week, but hey, things happen. This fixes it.

A nice pajama set may not change your entire closet, but we just feel like you’re so much better than wearing a hole-filled tee from your college acapella team to bed.

Is that cute choker suddenly feeling a bit too much like a choker? This tool solves that.

In a pinch, a classic pair of black skinnies can provide literally endless outfit options.

Available in extensive sizes. 

Statement pieces are great, but is any wardrobe complete without a classic, wear-every-day pair of gold hoops? We say no.

These have great reviews and won’t peek out of the tops of your Nike sneakers for the gym or your Balenciaga sneakers for the weekend.

Here’s something to order when your slinky going-out top leaves you with very few bra options. Bonus: This product has only five-star reviews on Amazon. So impressive.

Ever wonder what Meghan Markle might shop on Amazon? We did too. Here’s what we came up with.