21 Under-$30 Amazon Fashion Purchases That'll Save Your Closet

True or false: Amazon has completely saved your day on more than one occasion.

Whatever your response, it’s hard to deny that because of the site’s massive selection and speedy Prime offerings, Amazon has at least made life a little easier from time to time. And we’ll be as bold as to claim that the right purchases can even save your closet in more ways than one.

Scouring the site’s offerings, we found a huge number of fashion products that could come in handy in case of a fashion emergency (double-sided tape or foot insoles), last-minute plans (like a wedding you forgot you RSVP’d to), and for when you want to keep the clothes you love in tip-top shape (hangers, proper laundry bags, and stain repellant).

Below we’ve compiled the 21 best products—all under $30—that’ll come to the rescue in myriad ways. Buy them now, or if you’re a bit more daring, wait until you desperately need them and Prime your heart out.

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