Alessandra Ambrosio Told Us Her Favorite Bra Trend (and I'm Buying It ASAP)

Alessandra Ambrosio Lascana


Getty Images; On Alessandra Ambrosio: Lascana Satin Velvet Corset ($89)

It only takes a glance at her impressive modeling résumé to see Alessandra Ambrosio knows a thing or two about lingerie and swimwear, so it was only fitting that cult German brand Lascana tapped her to appear in its newest campaign. I recently caught up with Ambrosio in Los Angeles during Lascana's first foray into the U.S., and she was more than willing to spill her best lingerie tips. First up on the docket? Her favorite bra trend right now, and she was quick to call out one style in particular.

"Lascana has these amazing bras that have beautiful lace details. You can wear [your blouse] a little bit open so you can have a peek [at the bra] because it's so beautiful," she told us. "The lace is gorgeous, so that is my favorite."

The night I interviewed her, Ambrosio was also wearing one of her other favorite lingerie trends: velvet corsets. "I love this incredible velvet corset that you can pair with whatever you want, like a skirt, denim pants, leather pants," she said. "Just put on a little jacket on top, and it looks gorgeous, super sexy, and gives you a nice shape."

I also asked Ambrosio about the three bra styles every woman should own. "One of the essentials should always be a neutral, no-show bra—something nice and smooth so you don't see anything under a white T-shirt," Ambrosio told us.

She also cited a practical strapless bra and a pretty lace version as two other essentials, but enough with the reading. Scroll down to see and shop the supermodel's top Lascana picks for yourself.