What Fashion Girls Are Buying From Aldi—No, Seriously

Fashion influencers don't only make us want to buy shoes, bags and more shoes, but we find that we are clicking onto a marble coffee table or Moroccan rug just as often as any fast-fashion piece. The latest item that has taken off on our Instagram feeds isn't a new Mango jacket or It bag, but it's something from Aldi's homeware department. Random, we know, but trust us when we say you're going to be going to be browsing Aldi in approximately two minutes' time. The vintage-style lamps with an exposed light bulb and marble base took off last year, thanks to the unbelievable price tag—the desk version is £20, and the floor lamp is £40—and this year, they are back, and they are making their way into the living rooms of fashion bloggers like Erica Davies. She even went so far as to dedicate an entire Instagram Stories session to the brand this week—and it wasn't even an advertisement. Keep scrolling to see and shop the Aldi lamp that is taking off on Instagram right now.


(Image credit: @camilla_pearl_blog)

Blogger Camilla has the £20 black Aldi lamp, which looks amazing against her colourful backdrop.


(Image credit: @erica_davies)

Fashion blogger Erica Davies' floor lamp looks way more expensive than £40.

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