I'm in My 30s and Giving These "High School" Trends a Big Hell Yes

Articles pegged to age 30 didn’t bother me until I entered the decade myself. All of a sudden it felt personal when finance sites touted how much you needed to save by the big three-zero, when lifestyle sites promoted bucket lists to accomplish by a certain age, and, of course, when fashion sites offered their well-intentioned suggestions for my new somehow-different-than-29 demo. At Who What Wear, we believe the idea of age-appropriate dressing is entirely individual. We’ll cover age-related content from a personal perspective (check out editor Allyson Payer’s awesome stories) in the hopes that it may be useful if you find it applies to you too.

Today, I figured we’d flip the age narrative on its head with a mini celebration of all the youthful things I’m finding delight in. Some may say I should have aged out of these trends, whether they are too “flashy”, “trashy”, “girlish”, or “revealing”. To that, I borrow a phrase from the 70-year-old Maye Musk: “I’m just getting started.” Scroll down to see the top three “young” trends I adore way more than ageist content.


Tube tops and their sexy cousin, bra tops, are back in a major way. With high-waisted pants, I’m in so hard for these trends.


Man Repeller recently decreed that kindergarten hair is back. Whether it’s scrunchies, headbands, bows, or claw clips, I’m here for all of them. I haven’t tried the most recently emerged snap clip placed on either side of your part, but it’s only a matter of time, my friends.


Some may say rhinestone adornment is best left back at prom. But who’s to say my high school prom self was not my best self? Lately, I like rhinestones on shoes, belts, bags, and the odd shoulder strap.

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