I'm in My 30s and Giving These "High School" Trends a Big Hell Yes

Articles pegged to age 30 didn’t bother me until I entered the decade myself. All of a sudden it felt personal when finance sites touted how much you needed to save by the big three-zero, when lifestyle sites promoted bucket lists to accomplish by a certain age, and, of course, when fashion sites offered their well-intentioned suggestions for my new somehow-different-than-29 demo. At Who What Wear, we believe the idea of age-appropriate dressing is entirely individual. We’ll cover age-related content from a personal perspective (check out editor Allyson Payer’s awesome stories) in the hopes that it may be useful if you find it applies to you too.

Today, I figured we’d flip the age narrative on its head with a mini celebration of all the youthful things I’m finding delight in. Some may say I should have aged out of these trends, whether they are too “flashy”, “trashy”, “girlish”, or “revealing”. To that, I borrow a phrase from the 70-year-old Maye Musk: “I’m just getting started.” Scroll down to see the top three “young” trends I adore way more than ageist content.