The 8 Coolest Brands for After-Party Bridal Dresses

So your wedding day is coming up, or you're just one of those people who love looking at wedding dresses for fun in your spare time (me), but either way, there is something we need to discuss—after-party bridal dresses. Brides all around the world have been opting to take off their showstopping wedding gown for the reception and change into something a bit more festive. This second wedding dress allows for more dancing, more comfort, and I think it's safe to say a lot more fun. 

If my quick description enticed you at all to consider a separate dress for your wedding after-party, I have eight brands that you need to see ASAP. Some of these brands are true experts in the bridal realm, including Danielle Frankel and Markarian, while others, like Attico and Area are straight-up party brands. Both sound like good options if you ask me. Ahead, check out the eight brands every bride should consider when shopping for an after-party bridal dress.

Alessandra Rich

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This dress is Victorian and sultry all at the same time. 

If mini dresses aren't your thing, you'll still be able to dance the night away in this no problem. 


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Basically as comfortable as pajamas. 

Take a more alternative route and opt for a full silver sequin look. 


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Dripping in crystals is a vibe we wish every bride would get behind. 


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Crystals, puff sleeves, and ruching—what's not to love? 

Danielle Frankel

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If you like this, just wait until you see her full-length wedding dresses. 


Courtesy of Danielle Frankel

Don't worry, our jaws are on the floor too. 


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This brand is great for all party attire, but we've taken a particular liking to the bridal-inspired frocks.

Star sequins: Two things you never thought you'd wear on your wedding day but suddenly need to. 

Jonathan Simkhai

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For the true fashion girls at heart. 

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