All the Trendy Necklaces We're Coveting Right Now

Keeping up with trends isn't an easy feat. Even more so, when it comes to jewelry. Because when it comes to the pieces that hang so close to our skin, we all have our trusty, go-to choices. Cue hoop earrings, dainty necklaces, and even family heirlooms. As such, branching out into the world of trendy earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and now even anklets, can be quite overwhelming. Plus, more often than not, it can also get expensive really fast—especially if you simply buy things blindly because who can resist anything shiny and pretty? However, with this article, we're here to keep your bank account balance in check and streamline what you're coveting when it comes to trendy jewelry. To start it all of, we’re going to focus on necklaces.

Whether you're looking for a necklace that will be the focal point of your outfit, a necklace that is dainty but still a conversation starter, or one that will simply go well with the ones you currently own, there are plenty of necklace trends that are all over Instagram and the market. Before you get overwhelmed, we've rounded up affordable trendy necklaces that are stunners in their own way. From shell and coin necklaces to classic chain necklaces with a modern twist that influencers can't get enough of, there is surely one for you and your budget, and who knows, maybe you’ll buy one of each.

Shell Necklaces 

We now see shells as a seasonless accessory. 

Adds the right amount of summer to all your outfits. 

Coin Necklaces

Add this necklace to your gold jewelry collection. 

This necklace masters the layering for you. 

Wear this one with matching gold coin earrings. 

Ok, this one may not be under $100 but it's still an amazing deal.

Chain Necklaces 

Just as its name states, this necklace is essential for your necklace layering game. 

Perfect to pair over a plain, white tee or your go-to summer dress. 

We're officially buying one of each so we can layer them all