9 Affordable Brands I Always Wear to the Airport

With all the planning, preparation, and packing that goes along with traveling, I often wish that I didn't care what I wore to the airport, but I do, and truth be told, that's oftentimes the travel outfit that I put the most thought into. I need clothes that are going to be comfortable, keep me covered up, look cool, and are versatile enough to wear when I arrive at my destination. As you can see, this is no small feat.

Over the years, after much trial and error, I've found that I always gravitate toward nine brands, in particular, when choosing my airport outfits, and all of them happen to be affordable. I believe that I've found the most comfortable jeans, polished flats, and chicest sweats and leggings for travel. Curious? Keep reading to find out why these affordable brands are so perfect for travel and to shop my picks for each.