I Went Through All the Affordable Trends at Nordstrom—These 9 Are Clear Winners


The Style Stalker

Currently spending all of my time indoors has made me more and more eager for summer by the day. Instead of sitting around and sulking, I decided to do what I do best and curate my ideal list of spring trends. Naturally, that left me wanting to shop, so I headed to Nordstrom to find the most stylish and affordable versions of all of the fresh summer trends that made my list. 

Including long shorts, heeled thongs, and summer leather, ahead, I have listed out all nine of the summer trends I am deeming worthy of shopping and buying from Nordstrom. With nothing priced above $144, I have a feeling this affordable summer shopping list will bring a smile to your face and some life to your wardrobe. 

Asymmetrical Tanks

The '90s are back with a vengeance, and this summer, that involves lots of asymmetrical tanks. Whether it's a bodysuit or simply a top, this one-shoulder look will have you on-trend with minimal effort. 

Thong Heels

This semi-polarizing shoe trend is one that continues to dominate the warm-weather seasons, and summer 2020 is shaping up to be a major fan once again.


Summer is the best time to flaunt your existing tie-dye collection, but in case you need a few new pieces, the below selection will do just the trick.

Summer Leather

Summer leather is the trend we didn't see coming, but according to the runways and all the new arrivals on various retailers' sites, it's definitely a thing. 

Bucket Hats

Whether you're sitting by the pool or running errands, a bucket hat will be the go-to accessory that will upgrade your casual look in seconds.

Long Shorts

Long shorts have been the trend that keeps on giving for a couple of seasons now, and come summer, I personally can't wait to wear them with ribbed tanks and chunky sandals. 

Tube Tops

Another '90s staple you should definitely consider slipping into this summer is tube tops. With no straps or high necklines blocking your beautiful neck and collarbone, use this trend to show off all of your favorite necklaces. 

Chunky Sandals

Chunky sandals are the shoes you're going to keep by the door and throw on no matter what you're wearing. Trust me on this one—this is one shoe trend you won't regret buying. 


I think of anklets as jewelry for your shoes, even though you can wear them without shoes as well. I find that in the summer, there isn't anything better than a jewelry-adorned ankle to show off your favorite sandals.