I'm After a Khaite Wardrobe on a Mango Budget—26 Finds That Achieve Both

Khaite-inspired affordable shopping



As a fashion editor, I naturally tend to rack up a pretty lengthy list of things I want to buy at any given moment. Most of the time, that list consists of basics and a few trendy thrills, but it also includes a few key luxury buys—specifically from "goal" designer labels. If money were no object, I'd have a closet full of serene and minimalistic pieces from brands such as The Row, Khaite, and Totême. But since I do, in fact, have a cap on my shopping budget, I'm looking to emulate this goal aesthetic on a slightly more affordable budget. 

Enter this shopping list. While keeping an eye out for specific details like a Western trim on ankle boots or whipstitching on a jacket, I've landed on 26 pieces that fit the overall mood of a cool minimalist wardrobe while still remaining largely wallet friendly. In other words, they only look ultra-elevated. With that, continue on to see the more affordable gems I'm currently eyeing.

Off-the-shoulder silhouettes are the backbone of the Khaite wardrobe right now.

Yep, I know an expensive-looking item when I see one.

There are plenty of denim skirts on the market, but the stitching and hem length on this one are really good.

Yeah, I had to do a double take when I saw this, too. It looks like something you could only find from an emerging designer, no?

These are honestly a pretty good alternative to the Dallas boots.

The streamlined shape instantly elevates this shearling jacket.

Get yourself a classic leather belt. It's what designer Catherine Holstein would want.

Glean some styling ideas from Khaite's lookbooks and pair this with sheer tights and pumps.

Because I haven't stopped thinking about (or trying to re-create) that iconic Katie Holmes cardigan moment since 2019.

Get yourself a pair of well-tailored straight-leg jeans to wear with, well, everything.

COS does easy minimalism so well.

Another excellent denim skirt that's somehow under $100.